Pregnancy Changes More Than Just Your Abs


Everyone knows that when you get pregnant, your belly gets bigger. Or, at least I hope everyone knows this. (If you don't, oh it will get big and round!) Most people also know it affects your boobs, too. They get bigger but that also means they might sag. Still, for eternally-flat girls like me, getting boobs for the first time is pretty awesome.

However, what not everyone knows is all the other things that pregnancy can change with your body, some temporary, some not.

Your feet might grow: Thanks to the chemical "relaxin" that helps your joints loosen up so your hips can spread to make room for baby, your feet can also spread out in every direction. Add in water retention and sometimes even swelling, and it's common that pregnant gals need to buy some comfy shoes, and may never be able to go back to their old shoes. Excuse to shop?

butt in jeansYou might get a new butt: When you change the hips, the pelvis, and even the sacrum, your butt changes, too. With the widening of hips and sometimes the sagging of the pelvic floor, which pulls the sacrum (your tailbone) inward, a lot of women complain that they "lost" their butt. You can do squats and exercises to help build more muscle, but you have a new butt. Sorry.

Prepare for some differences in your hair and nails: Usually pregnant women luck out and your hormone levels make your hair fall out less so it's thicker. Often it can change in texture for the better, and your nails can grow faster and even stronger. But ... your perm can also fall out, you may need to change shampoos if your hair is dryer/oiler than usual, and for some women, this period sucks for their hair. You can also grow hair in places you really would prefer you didn't.

Your skin and veins change: With all the extra blood in your body, and the extra pressure on some parts, veins can pop up visibly everywhere. Even spider veins. That extra blood can also give you a flushed, rosy look or a "glow," but the hormones might make you break out like the night before your senior prom. Ugh. You can also get sunburned more easily, may get dark spots on your skin, or a dark line up the middle of your tummy.

You may notice something different with your nose and mouth: Increased blood flow to your sinuses can cause some congestion and even have you end up with totally random nosebleeds. This can be why your gums bleed too, but hormones can also loosen your teeth a little or put you at higher risk for cavities. It's recommended to have three dental appointments during pregnancy, since dental problems are linked to premature labor.

Your eyes can change: The increased blood flow and pressure and hormones can change your eyes' shape, temporarily or permanently. You might need to wear glasses instead of contacts while pregnant, even while breastfeeding, and may need a new prescription later on.

What I'm left thinking is that we seriously do NOT get enough credit for putting our bodies through this crap, and we have a lot of reasons why we deserve to be pampered, bitchy, and eat chocolate. It's practically puberty all over again!

What else changed about your body during pregnancy?


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carso... carsonsmommytam

My hooves grew. I went up a whole shoe size.

nonmember avatar Theresa

My hips will never be the same. After two years of not being able to fit into my hip hugger jean that I loved so much I finally donated them

aubre... aubrey_clair

My feet grew too! Also my fingers are slightly bigger, so my rings fit differently.

Xakana Xakana

My fingers shrunk and I've never been able to wear my wedding ring or engagement ring on my ring finger since. My butt definitely changed and now I seem to store all my fat in my stomach :( And that new hair that you grow? It doesn't go away!

Asilee Asilee

I'm 8 months and the only things that grew were my boobies, and booty.

Jessicca Bullen

sorry ladys but i miss my size c breast .. now there back to a very small b cup .. i miss them so ..

nonmember avatar Ashley

The nausea I had all through my pregnancy has not quite gone away 2 and a half years later...

Evilf... Evilfelly07

ive gotten all of the above. lol. esp the boob thing hahaha 

Christene LeDoux

My boobs STILL have not gone down (no, I don't like them) and my baby will be 1 next month.

My nose is bigger - I swear! I didn't believe it myself until I researched it. Great.

My butt is definitely a new entity in itself and oh yes, the hips. Oh joy. No matter that I seemed to finally be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. They Sigh.

What else... oh um, my hair. It's thinner than EVER and seems to be on turbo speed to go grey now.

The skin on my legs is soooo dry that if you touched it with your eyes closed - I kid you not - you would think it was a lizard. Or tree bark.

Last are my toe nails. They grew so rapidly and were so hard to deal with by the end, that when I did finally attempt to repair them, the nails were so long and bird like (and into my skin) that I seriously still can't deal with them. I have an appt. next week to seek a podiatrists expertise.

Did I mention I have the most beautiful, funny, happy nearly one year old ever and that every single day, week, month of h*** I went through - as well the 'NEW' un-improve me - is so very worth it?

Yes, I can't forget to memntion that because honestly, if I could get my pre-everything-pregnancy stats back, I would go near it. Despite these complaints, I am ok with myself and happy.

Christene LeDoux

Apparently I am too lazy for spell check - sorry! ;)

Anyway, I meant to say I wouldn't go near it - going back in time I mean. I am happy with how it all turned out.

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