Study Says Even 1 Glass of Wine a Week Could Hurt Baby

Drinking While PregnantWhen Kate Hudson was seen sipping a glass of wine while pregnant recently, most were quick to jump to her defense saying leave her alone, a little glass of wine here and there won't hurt anyone, relax. Indeed, there are studies that say it's just fine to have an occasional glass of wine, and many doctors give it the green light too. But another study released this week says even a little bit of alcohol can increase the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome.

The study from Trinity College in Ireland looked at 60,000 women and found that as little as one or two glasses of wine a week came with risks for the baby. They also found that heavy drinkers had three times the risk of a premature delivery. The latter is no big surprise -- everyone knows and agrees that drinking a lot during pregnancy is bad. It's this fine line of a glass of wine here and there that leaves moms confused and crazed by all the conflicting research.


We just want to know what's safe for our babies, and not deprive ourselves needlessly if we don't have to.

The study's authors say until more information can be gathered, women should abstain completely. "We would recommend that further research is required before even low amounts of alcohol can be considered safe."

And that's the safest thing, I suppose. Why take ANY risk when it comes to your baby's health? But there are risks in everything we do, eat, drink, and breathe it seems when it comes to pregnancy, so do we really have to rack ourselves with guilt over each rule we bend just a little? 

I'm a bit overprotective by nature and didn't touch cold deli meat, soft-serve ice cream, or any of the other things that pregnant women aren't supposed to eat when I was pregnant. But when it came to wine, I did have a few glasses here and there based on what I'd read and been told by doctors at the time.

Would I again given this new study? Probably not because it would ruin any possible enjoyment I'd get from it. But if and probably when another study comes out that says it's okay, then ... perhaps. I guess in the end, you have to pick what you choose to believe, then pick your poison accordingly, which just may be club soda.

Does this new study change your mind about drinking alcohol while pregnant, or are you just sick of all the conflicting information?

Image via Remko van Dokkum/Flickr

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