How to Have the Most Eco-Friendly Birth

eco friendly birthYou sort your recycling, you always remember your reusable bags when you head to the grocery, you even compost! Good for you, you're a green super user. Now that you're pregnant, you're probably thinking "natural," but how do you have a green birth? And not just the "I'm so sick I'm turning green" kind of birth?

Relax, being eco-friendly in the delivery room doesn't mean you have to take it outside into the woods. There are plenty of things you can do to consider the earth when it's time to birth.


1) Skip the Drugs

Let breathing be your friend (and a fantastic doula or midwife), and keep the drugs out of your system. You'll also be protecting the earth by cutting down on drug manufacturing, as the production of drugs is not too friendly to mothers, earth and otherwise.

2) In Fact, Skip the Hospital

Giving birth at home eliminates all of those other disposables that clog up the environment: rubber gloves, paper gowns and sheets, any instruments that need to be tossed or disinfected with chemicals. Not to mention the gas you save since no one is going to be driving you frantically to the delivery room.

3) Choose Your Products

Even if you do head to the hospital, bring your own receiving blankets made from organic cotton by a company that uses environmentally-friendly practices. Also wash baby clothes and blankets in safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly laundry detergent. Of course this is much easier to control if you stick to number 2.

4) Eat (and Drink) Well

Even before you go into labor, watch what you're putting into your body. No processed foods or drinks with added sugar. Keep your body clean, and it will feel much more ready to serve you when the time is right.

5) Breastfeed

Using what you've got, without dirtying up any dishes, is super eco-friendly. If you pop that baby on the breast the minute he arrives, you'll increase your chances of a baby who "gets it."

Did you have a green birth?


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