Dear Strangers: Shut Up About My Big Pregnant Belly Already!

belly bump
My belly at 22 weeks!
So, it's happened -- I've fully popped. No longer are strangers not-so-subtly glancing down, trying to figure out if it's chub or a belly bump. My tummy is large and in charge, sticking out there for the world to see, too obvious for a blousy shirt to hide. Hey, it's great, I'm loving my pregnant body, but what I'm not loving are the people who go, "How far along are you? Five months?! You're HUGE!"

Uh, ouch. A few days ago, three separate people got all bug-eyed and mouths agape, shocked that I wasn't further along, considering how ginormous I am. I'm sorry, but when did it suddenly become okay to tell a woman, any woman, that she's big? That's not cool, not cool at all!


Okay, granted, when I explain that I'm carrying twins, it suddenly makes more sense to these people. But still! What if it was just one baby in there? Way to make a girl feel self-conscious. One of my best friends ended up delivering a 9.5-pound baby. When she was 7 months along, people actually asked her if she was having twins, which I think is the equivalent of saying, "Wow, you're way too huge to have just one in there."

For the record, I haven't gained very much weight during this pregnancy, and what I have gained has all gone to my belly, for the most part. They're also measuring about a week big so far, which, in my mind, is a blessing. I want my babies to be big and healthy, and if that means I'm growing big and healthy too, so be it!

Yes, the body-conscious part of me still wants to yell, "Hey, back off bitches!" but the other part of me is happy and relieved to be carrying two strong, bruiser-size babies. So people can go ahead and gawk at my belly size, I don't care. I'm just past the halfway mark, so if they think I'm big now, they should get a load of me come June and July!

What kind of rude comments have you gotten during your pregnancy?

Image via Jenny Benjamin

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