Mariah Carey’s Having Dem Babies, But Nick Cannon Is Acting Like a Child

nick cannonEvery soon-to-be new dad is excited about his new baby. And, as the due date approaches, he gets a little anxious, a little jittery, knowing in a matter of days or weeks, his life is totally going to change forever. Methinks Nick Cannon is falling into that category of daddy-to-be right about now.

As you may have heard, Nick and wife Mariah Carey are expecting twins in a few weeks. Just a few nights ago, Nick tweeted about rushing home.

On a plane back to NY. Praying Dem Babies wait for DADDY to come back b4 they pop out! The Cornball Movement don't stop!

It made fans everywhere think Mariah was about to give birth ... which she wasn't and, of course, her reps put a stop to the labor rumors.

Poor guy, we know he's excited. We know he is scared and full of anticipation and joy and has mongo nerves, but the dude has to calm down ... for Mariah's sake!


It's tough being pregnant in those last few days. You are huge. You are uncomfortable. You probably aren't sleeping well. You are nervous about everything from how much labor will hurt to if you will be a good mom to getting your post-baby body in order. What makes it all worse? Your mom or (gasp) your MIL has come to help and she just sits and stares at you on the couch, asking every three minutes how you are feeling.

It doesn't help when your baby daddy is also freaking out. So, Nick, listen. You need to take a few deep breaths and relax. Your job right now is not to get all wacko -- your job is to help Mariah relax. Both of you need to get through this waiting game together. It's tough. Do something to take your minds off of it. Play some Scrabble. Watch some movies. Finalize that baby name list. Figure out how to work the digital camera. Just calm down.

Was your spouse nervous as your due date got closer?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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