I'm Pregnant With Twins & My Husband Wants a Puppy?!

puppy pictureWith two baby boys coming this summer, you can be sure our hands are going to be pretty damn full. So you can imagine my total, utter surprise when, a few days ago, my husband started talking to me about getting a puppy. Yes, I'm five months pregnant, and he wants a puppy?!

At first, I thought maybe this was some clever test of my mothering mettle -- if I could resist his big blue eyes as he pleaded for a furry little friend, then maybe I would be able to stand strong against our own boys' pouty, adorable faces. But, this puppy talk has been going on for a few days now, and I'm starting to think he might be serious!


Now, just so you understand: We already have a dog! A big, beautiful black Lab named Ruby who gets organic food and four walks a day, who sleeps crosswise on our bed, who sometimes accidentally turns the gas on when she's sniffing around the stovetop for scraps. She is our sweet, lovable, very spoiled first baby, and I'm already worried about how she's going to feel when she's got two little humans to contend with.

So, when my husband sent me the link to our favorite dog rescue site and asked me to check out Flora, an 8-week-old yellow Lab, I thought it was just to marvel at her cuteness. But then, that night, he started giving me a semi-joking, semi-serious hard sell. "Isn't she so sweet? Don't you think Ruby would like having a friend? Our boys should each have their own dog." To which I responded, "Ruby's getting two new friends this summer. Our boys can share a dog just like they'll have to share a room and a million other things. There's no space in our bed for two 80-pound dogs. Yes, the puppy is cute, but ... wait, why are we even talking about this? We're not getting a freakin' puppy with two babies on the way!"

When he started laughing, I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful this wasn't something he was seriously considering. Or so I thought. Because the next night, he started in with me about when we can get a puppy. And he was negotiating, "Okay, so maybe when the boys are 5 or 6, then we'll get them a puppy. By then, Ruby will be like 10 or 11, so it's the perfect time. How could we deny our boys a puppy if they want one?" I mean, we haven't even given the babies names yet, but we're already planning for their future dog ... you know, the newer, shinier model we're going to get when our sweet, brown-eyed Ruby girl gets old. You can imagine the hormonal indignation that was brewing inside me.

Later though, I started thinking about why my husband was bringing this all up now. I'm no shrink, but here's my theory: My husband is the best doggy Daddy there could ever be. Not only does he do all of the feeding and walking, but he takes her on hikes and to the dog park, he invites her up on the couch for snuggles, she's the screen saver on his phone. The two of them are madly in love with each other and he is a pro at being her Daddy. So, maybe to him, a puppy is like a baby that he knows what to do with. Maybe the way he cares for his dog gives him reassurance about how he'll be as a father.

Or, maybe I'm totally over-thinking this and my husband is just easily swayed by sweet, puppy dog eyes. Either way, I know that with his big, loving heart, our babies will be lucky to have him as their Daddy, just like our Ruby.

Where do you think my husband got this crazy puppy idea? Should we get another dog now? Or wait?

Image via Jenny Benjamin

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