Pregnant Man Wants a 4th Child

Thomas BeatieThomas Beatie, better known as "the pregnant man," already has three children with his wife Nancy -- Susan, 2-1/2, Austin, 20 months, and Jensen, 7 months. Now they want a fourth. What's one more, right? Well, the problem is the family is broke.

You would think being the first man to ever get pregnant would somehow make you rich forever -- his book, movies, something -- and for awhile they did bring in some bank. But like many others, they've hit hard times and are now living on food stamps. The couple had to file for bankruptcy last year, and their home in Oregon was repossessed (they're now living in their "holiday home" in Arizona). Oh, they're also more than $3 million in debt.

So is now really a good time to add another child to the mix?


Typically, I'm of the camp that believes you can always figure out finances, but you can't always have another child. But not when you're living off public assistance, and I don't care if you're a man, woman, or a cow. If they fell pregnant on their own, that would be one thing, but to actively go out and take medical steps -- medical steps that cost money -- to get pregnant when you can't afford the children you already have, that seems irresponsible and like an abuse of the public assistance system ... and perhaps a play for more publicity?

They should at least wait a bit and get their financial house back in order. But Beatie is in a hurry because he wants to start getting back in "good manly shape," after having his final child. He also said since they are only able to get pregnant four days a year, they need to "conceive sooner rather than later." Beatie told

We are staying positive and we're determined to make this a good family home. We're both strong people and we've been through worse things in our lives. People might think this will have affected us and brought us down, but we refuse to let things beat us, and we don't want anyone's sympathy.

It's not our sympathy that we don't want to give -- it's our public tax dollars.

Do you think it's irresponsible for "the pregnant man" to bring another child into the world when he can't afford the ones he has?

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