Junk Food During Pregnancy Will Make Your Kid a Fast Food Addict

burger and friesHey, you're a beautiful pregnant lady, with swollen feet and lower back pain, and a healthy baby growing in your womb -- hell yeah, you deserve a break today! But before pulling into the drive-thru for the third time this week, you should know that a study just came out that found that if you eat a lot of junk food during your pregnancy, you're more likely to have a child hooked on the salty, fatty, sugary stuff. Yep, some part of their little brains becomes more susceptible to the lure of crappy food. Little ones all cracked out on Happy Meals, desperate for their next French-fried fix -- yikes! But let's get real here: are you really going to go a whole nine months without all that deliciously naughty goodness? I think not.


Now, not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I've been practicing healthy eating habits since I found out I was pregnant -- lots of lean protein and dairy, fruits and veggies, limited carbs. Of course I occasionally splurge, but I try not to go overboard. Yes, I'm eating for three (twins!), but not like, three grown humans with a hankering for the all-you-can-eat buffet.

I keep thinking the food cravings are going to come one of these days. A friend told me she craved fat early on in her pregnancy ... and subsequently gained 25 pounds in the first trimester. My sister-in-law always kept a bag of candy in her purse because the baby wanted sugar. My BFF is craving salads, yes, salads, of all things. But as for me, aside from a new preference for sour treats over my usual choco-aholics delights, my palate hasn't really changed. Yes, I did walk two blocks back to a deli one day because I had to have one of the large dill pickles they had displayed in a glass jar. And I have been putting cheese on everything, but isn't that just because it goes with everything? Okay, maybe I do have a few low-grade cravings, but for the most part, I haven't been beckoned by the golden arches, no urge to run for the border, I've skipped all that finger-lickin' goodness. Fast food just doesn't do it for me.

That being said, I love food -- freakin' love food like you wouldn't believe. And I'm five months pregnant and suddenly starving all the time. So there are moments where I admittedly, unbashedly, find myself face down in a basket of chips and guac, or reaching for a third slice of pizza, or ordering the onion rings with a side of ranch dressing. No, I don't want my children to become raging junk-food junkies, of course not, bad mother, no, for shame! But, I'm sorry, kids, sometimes Mama wants a big, juicy burger with fries and a strawberry shake.

Can you resist the seductive lure of junk food?


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