12-Year-Old Gives Birth on School Field Trip


baby feetLast week in the Netherlands, a 12-year-old girl was on a school field trip, when all of a sudden, she went into labor. According to the Telegraph, she didn't appear pregnant at all and neither she nor her parents knew she was.

After teachers realized what was happening, she was rushed to a nearby building where she gave birth to a baby girl. Now I bet that's something her parents never expected her to bring home from school!

Both mother and baby are said to be "doing well." Though other reports indicate her father may be suspected of impregnating her (he previously served prison time for abusing an older daughter). If that's the case, then nobody in this mess is going to be doing well without a lot of therapy and help.

Can you imagine getting a call from your daughter's school that she just delivered a baby?

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I also want to know why the father was allowed to be around her after doing some sh*t like that to another daughter? All of these f*ckers are SICK! If my husband had done that to any of my kids, he would be castrated, and living on the f*cking street-if not dead.

nonmember avatar questions

You do not have to be fat to hide a PG. My mother was skinny when so had my sister, and the EMT who helped deliver her ate dinner at my parents home a few days before my sister birth. When he was called to the home he told his partner "there's no one there PG" My mom told him if he did not hurry "he would find out how PG she was."

Judy Townsend

now let me get this straight--her biological father is the one who impregnated her? what the @#%%#

is going on in this world

Gloria Parker

Family members said that the schoolgirl's father previously sexually abused another older daughter and served two years in jail for the sex crime, according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

The girl was living with her father and brother after he won custody following a divorce from their mother, who was originally from Suriname, a former Dutch colony in South America.

The girl's stepsister, 30, told the newspaper, "I warned him. I am shocked about what happened."

Dutch police said in a statement Wednesday, "The girl got pregnant when she was 11, which in itself means there has been a criminal offense. Article 244 of the Penal Code, sex with a minor under 12, is punishable. In addition, there are now [circumstances] reported by the Child Protection Board. Taking these two circumstances, the police is now investigating who the father [of this baby] is."

Billi... BillieHolidae

Mothers are supposed to protect their children not hand them over. It is very upsetting to hear that this little girl is going be a mother before she can drive. I pray that she gets the help she needs and I hope they find a responsible adult to take care of her and help with her baby. 

Brett Fry

This is sick. The guy shouldnt have only gotten 2 years


~ The fault (imo) can be layed upon another "clueless absentee mother". . .  

Farah... FarahSyed

If a daughter is not safe from her father, then which of us can sleep soundly in our beds!? Is there no end to the sickness, perversity, blackness of soul and complete and utter lack of morality in todays world?!

Lisa Albaladejo

poor babies. both mother and newborn.

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