12-Year-Old Gives Birth on School Field Trip


baby feetLast week in the Netherlands, a 12-year-old girl was on a school field trip, when all of a sudden, she went into labor. According to the Telegraph, she didn't appear pregnant at all and neither she nor her parents knew she was.

After teachers realized what was happening, she was rushed to a nearby building where she gave birth to a baby girl. Now I bet that's something her parents never expected her to bring home from school!

Both mother and baby are said to be "doing well." Though other reports indicate her father may be suspected of impregnating her (he previously served prison time for abusing an older daughter). If that's the case, then nobody in this mess is going to be doing well without a lot of therapy and help.

Can you imagine getting a call from your daughter's school that she just delivered a baby?

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butte... butterflymkm

I tend to be doubtful of those 'i didn't know I was pregnant' shows bu a 12 year old probably had no clue what was going on with her body. I can't imagine 12 would hide a belly though, was she overweight to begin with? As soon as I read the title of this my mind auto jumped to "what family member abused thus poor girl?" that 'father' needs to be put away for life. Or shot. I hope the little girl and her family are able to get the counseling I am sure they will need. I hope the baby doesn't have any genetic problems. I wish them the best of luck and good health.

kelly... kelly24019

This makes me sick

nonmember avatar Anon

WHY did the father have contact with this child????? I am SO ANGRY about this. Good parents get their kids taken away for stupid stuff like leaving them in a safe place for 5 minutes or not having enough Houdini locks on the doors, and here we have a convicted child molester given all the opportunity in the world to rape and impregnate a little girl.

Lora Beth Roy

Our world is a cesspool.

angel... angelove8

Why the hell would you even ALLOW a man who abused your oldest daughter BACK in your house?!?! 

lovem... lovemybaby72

Im at a loss for words.. But as for the father he shouldve been in jail the first time!! Thats just sick!!!!! I wouldve made sure his sorry a** got locked up and he was never released from prision!!!

chame... chamelinmom

i dont know, but my question is was she over weight, didnt start wearing baggy clothes. was her parents in denial because it was the father and didnt want to admit it...there has to be more to this story.

clean... cleanaturalady

That is awful.  What was the dad doing near her when he had already been convicted of abusing the older daughter?

bookl... booklover74

That poor girl. She must have been scared to death. At 15 or 16 I'd have a hard time believing she was clueless about being oregnant and that nobody noticed the physical changes and put the two together but at twelve I could see it. She probably hadn't been in puberty long and any changes in her body were probablly atributeds to puberty.

She may not have gained much wieght and carried in her back as a lot of adult women do. Being that she was 12 she probably wasn't at 40 weeks when she delivered either and many women gain a good percent of the wieght that shows on them in that last 4 -5 weeks. The wieght she did gain was probably just thought of as puberty wieght gain and shape changes. Most parents don't look at thier daugters and assess them for pregnancy changes unless they know they are pregnant so the parents probably didn't know.

I am confused by the mention that the father had served time for abusing an older daughter. If it was sexual abuse, even from 20 years ago then I don't understand what he was doing anywhere near this girl. They weren't specific on the type of abuse just hinted at sexual.

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