Pink Says Pregnancy Like Being a 92 Year Old Grandma


pergnant pink clunsyWhen you think of Pink, you think cool chick, you think awesome voice, you think amazing performer. You don't think clumsy. Alas, the pregnant rock star is suffering from one of those not-as-talked-about lovely (yes that's sarcastic) things that happens to your body as you carry the little bambina for 40 weeks -- clumsiness.

Pink and papa Carey Hart are expecting their new addition in April, and she tweeted to fans and friends that she's been falling:

i am the clumsiest i have ever been in my life. fell AGAIN today! i feel like my 92 yr old grammom in a shower with oil on my feet. #dumb

Oh, Pink, you aren't dumb. You're just pregnant! Trust me. I, too, suffered from Clumsy Pregnancy Syndrome.

Morning sickness, back pain, swollen ankles, weird dreams -- all are discussed at length, but no one ever mentions how being preggers makes you clumsy. Is it the hormones? Is our center of gravity constantly shifting as we get bigger and bigger? Is it that we are front-heavy and can't see our feet? Who knows. It doesn't matter anyway. The fact is, some pregnant women are really clumsy.

That's why I was so in awe of Rachel Zoe as she donned six-inch heels late in her pregnancy. Mere seconds after I looked at those two little lines on the pregnancy test, I started feeling uneasy on my feet. I had to get all new shoes with lower heels. But even the not-so-fashiony supportive shoes didn't help. I was still clumsy, unsteady. I fell a few times, which is scary and just plain not fun.

Pink's description in her tweet is spot on -- when you are a clumsy pregnant gal, you feel like an old lady on ice skates. So what does one do? Do you get a walker? A cane? Nah. You just have to be careful, get good shoes ... and hold on to things. Stair railings, your hubby, kind strangers who just happened to be there ... though asking first is always a good idea.

Did being pregnant make you clumsy?


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Simpl... Simplicity3

I was on bedrest for most of my pregnancy.  I actually enjoyed it. 

amazi... amazingaudri

I'm clumsy without a pregnancy, I was a walking disaster when I was. I had to shuffle by the time I was 38 weeks otherwise I would loose my balance.

butte... butterflymkm

I think that's where the stereotypical "pregnant penguin waddle" comes from. I'm a super clumsy person anyway, pregnancy just made it worse. I was pregnant in winter and my fiancé was freaking terrified of me falling down and losing the baby. I refused to go outside when it was really icy.

Addys... Addys_Mom

I am 37 weeks right now and i hold on to EVERYTHING! My hubby kinda laughs at me but after falling down our stairs carrying groceries a couple weeks ago i am terrified of falling again. I do not want to do anything to harm myself or the baby! I waddle a ton now!

nonmember avatar Tanya

You are a ROCK STAR Pink

yobab... yobabywazup

Yea! So happy shez being real about her pregnancy! It sure the heck aint all peaches n cream!

yayhe... yayheadstart

My son was still a baby when I was pregnant with my daughter and I would fall while holding him all the time. Luckily we never got hurt, but still, I was scared to carry my kid for like 6 months!

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