Birth Control Ad Says Kids Will Ruin Your Life (VIDEO)


Have you seen the commercial for Beyaz birth control? Women walk around a store, stars in their eyes, looking for the perfect Ken-doll man, dream Barbie house, trip to Paris, and fill up their shopping carts with what must be, of course, every woman's ideal life, right?

But then, the evil stork starts waving his goods in a woman's face, begging her to take his bundle, and he's totally dissed, waved off like a bum looking for loose change.

And you know what? It kind of pissed me off. Check out the commercial yourself.

The pinkish-purple store with pretty trees and gentle music playing while women snatch up pretty things -- what, are we all little girls now? Playing with our favorite Ken doll and Barbie Dream Home? Yes, getting a degree is fantastic. Buying a house? TOTALLY at the top of my list of goals. Trip to Paris? Amaaaazing and something I absolutely plan to do during my life.

But unlike the commercial's message, I plan to do it with my children. The commercial makes it very, very clear that they are telling you that having children SQUASHES all your hopes and dreams. What man wants a woman with baggage? With kids? That's not a sexy woman worthy of a relationship, especially not those dream Ken dolls they snatch up.

And a house? Graduate degree? For-GET it if you've got babies!

The whole message is rather demeaning. Danielle of Wordyless thinks so, too. Yes, ideally, people can get a degree, buy a house, go on many trips, meet the man of their dreams, then have kids -- but that doesn't always happen and so what! If you have babies young, apparently you've destroyed your hopes and dreams and will never own anything and your future is ruined ("but you never know what you might want tomorrow ..."). Then our culture says if you wait too long, your "advanced maternal age" kicks in and you HAVE TO HURRY! It's just a lose-lose for women. What a negative message it's sending to pregnant women and moms:

Congrats! You screwed yourself out of anything deemed worthwhile!

Here are the facts: Women are perfectly capable of getting whatever education and lifestyle they desire, REGARDLESS of whether or not they have children in tow. A trip to Paris isn't cast into the trash because you have kids -- hello? They will MOVE OUT eventually. Yes, it can be harder to get some of this stuff done with children, but it is NOT impossible, and some women choose to take this route intentionally.

You pregnant moms out there, take heart: Kids do NOT destroy dreams. They sometimes put them on hold for a little bit, but only so you can pursue your dream of being a mother. Which is a great dream come true.

So there, Beyaz.

Do you find their message demeaning to moms?


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Ashly... Ashlynnsmommy07

I didn't get offended by it at all! Maybe they should change it to teenagers and things like prom, going out with friends, and college! 

iLuVk... iLuVkAidEn

Not at all!  It seemed like it was meant for women that are not yet ready for children.  Because lets face it, having children makes things a little bit harder.  Why would anybody be offended by this?!

Xakana Xakana

I honestly didn't get that message. The stork looked sad to me, not 'evil'. They were definitely all baby-phobic, but that's the whole point of being on birth control.

As someone who didn't have her first until she was 26--I didn't get to go into that store. But since it looked like it was all upper class, attractive women, I guess that's why. Not being able to get TO the college (and having a disability apparently means I didn't want it bad enough, ya know) fucked me out of the degree I wanted, not my kids. My kids coming along have given me more hope for my future and more potential than I had BEFORE I had them.

One of my friends just got her doctorate--and her son was born the month after my oldest. It didn't stop her at all.

As for Europe--I don't understand not wanting to have your kids when you go and let them experience that, too! I'd say it's more awesome to be able to show your kids that stuff than just see it by yourself. Not that I'll likely ever go, but again, I feel the option is MORE likely since I had kids than before.

But I'm a freak ;)

Lynette Lynette

Yes I do find it demeaning.  It's sad that people think of children this way

Freela Freela

I wasn't offended by it, but I did think it gave the 'motherhood will get in the way of all these plans' vibe that you mention.  But at the same time, you've got to know your audience... it's a birth control ad and the whole point of birth control is not to have a baby, so the message may work for their target 'young women who don't want a baby right now' audience.

Ginger Sadler

I didn't take it like all..and honestly especially if you are younger, while having a child doesnt ruin your life it really does make it harder.

LOL I kid all the time I'm going to put on of my 3 year olds torando temper tantrums up as a birth control ad.


I didn't read that much into it, but I can see how some might see it that way as far as it sort of conveying that you CAN'T have those things if there are children in the picture..  I just felt it was kind of like "ah no,  baby-making is not on my to-do list right now, but maybe later" kind of thing.  I definitely think it is great that you know that you can still do ALL of those things (travel, home-buying, school) WITH children though!  :)

Gina Crosley-Corcoran

What I find most annoying about the commercial is the way the imagery and music are meant to distract us from listening to the full minute's worth of negative side effects that they have to tell us about, but don't actually want to tell us about, so they find a way to get us to tune them out.  I saw a different commercial for them last night and noted to my husband how the list of side effects was four times longer than the rest of the commercial, and wonder why anyone would want to put that in their body.  Fertliity Awareness Method and condoms all the way, baby.

(says the mother who is working her way toward a law degree with three kids under 5 AND a job AND a husband.)

Traci Bryant

I wasn't offended by it, and really find it sorta funny that anyone may be. Women who take control usually are leary of the stork! I mean, if you're not preventing, you're planning, right?

BabyB... BabyBumbleBee

I wasn't necessarily offended by this add, but when i first saw it I thought 'Yeah right - like life would be that wonderful without children!" lol.  But it's true what the author said - it's not like life ends after having children... and it does kind of imply that in the commercial.  But I don't think it's saying outright that having kids will ruin your life.

And had I been in that store... I'd have gone straight to the stork, lol!  :)

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