Vegetarians Breed Crabby Babies?


steakIf you're pregnant and looking for an excuse to tear into a nice juicy steak, now is the time to go for the beef. A new study says doing so may just help you avoid a colicky infant down the line. Not to panic all you vegetarians out there, but it seems that women who have high levels of B12 (found in steak) are eight times less likely to have a fussy baby. Go meat!

Researchers say a lack of B12 in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy could affect the nerve cells' development, which elicits the crankiness. Those with the lowest levels of B12 had babies who cried an average of THREE HOURS A DAY! I would eat ANYTHING to avoid that.

Fortunately, steak isn't the only source of B12. The necessary nutrients are also found in chicken, in some dairy products, and in some fortified cereals (something at least for vegans). Unfortunately, some other good food sources of B12 -- liver, soft cheese, and shellfish -- are also potentially hazardous to pregnant women.

Researchers say while the study showed a definite link between the two, it's just the first study to show one and that women shouldn't change their diet because of it. They always say that, and I don't know about you, but if there's even the fraction of a hint of a chance that eating some more meat while I'm pregnant would help prevent colic *shudder* later, I'd be at my butcher counter STAT if I found out I was pregnant.

Plenty of pregnant women already give up their vegan or vegetarian ways once they're pregnant. Celebrities like Jennifer Connelly, Brooke Shields, and Tiffani Thiessen all admitted giving in to their cravings for the meat and poultry their bodies were craving. Our bodies are pretty smart, perhaps even about how to give us a little parenting help down the line.

Steak and cheese sandwich anyone?

Did you have a colicky baby, and if so, did you eat much meat during your first trimester? Would you change your diet to try to eliminate colic?

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nonmember avatar Amanda

I am not a vegetarian, but when I was pregnant I had horrible, never-ending morning sickness and meat was the thing that just set me off. I couldn't eat or even smell meat until I was about 22 weeks pregnant and even then it still made me somewhat ill on occassion. So from 6 weeks preggo until 22 weeks preggo I had absolutely no meat at all. My daughter did have terrible colic from the time she was 3 weeks old until she was about 12 weeks. She'd scream for hours on end. What an interesting correlation. If I ever dare to get pregnant again, I'll try to get more of the B12!

Anast... Anastazia975

I am a vegetarian, and a chef. I just had my daughter on 19,March. And all the nurses and doctors here, adore Kyuriana, and praise her for being extremely laid back. lol. Maybe it is not about the meat, but about nutrition in general. Interesting article, but I think the title is a bit off. Happy day everyone!

Jeric... Jerichos_Mommy

I have never had a colicky baby and I do eat meat.

Stasi... Stasiaandkksmom

Article isnt really right i ate lots of meat with both pregnancies and bot kids had colic. Oldest had it mildly . Second had it so bad i wanted to bash my head into a wall.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I haven't eaten red meat for over 20 years, and neither of my kids had colic.

mommix4 mommix4

I'd be pretty cranky if I didn't get to eat steak also!

butte... butterflymkm

When I was pregnant I CRAVED rare meat sooo bad. The thig is I normally like my steak well done but my DF likes his wacked on the head and dragged across the grill. I wanted his not mine while preggers. I didn't eat it though for fear of food borne bacterias, but boy did rare meat look good. Kinda gross now!

sodapple sodapple

my first daugther was very cranky when she was a newborn and i ate meat.

stell... stellarluna

well, once we teach our farmers how to take care of our meat so I'm not passing on all kinds of horrible things to my babies while I'm pregnant and breastfeeding, I will take steak on... in the meantime, most people know that vitamin B12 is found in lots of other things... such as asparagus, crab meat, clams, eggs... YUM!  I hate beef

stell... stellarluna

I will add that I have a very mild mannered baby, super content and happy.  no colic whatsoever, and never any beef

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