An Incredible Unassisted Home Birth Story


Today I have the honor of sharing the story of the planned home birth of baby Lucas James, as told by his mom, Sarah -- CafeMom's "Eeyore530." Sarah's unassisted birth (with the help of her husband, James) is a testament to the beauty and natural power of a woman's body.

I woke up around 2 a.m. on March 18, and just instinctively knew the pain was a contraction -- this was it. I got into a squatting/hands and knees position on the bed -- wrong position. I got up to go get in the bath, hoping the water would either ease the pain, or make everything stop. As the bathtub filled, I sat there with the water flowing on me, and contractions were about 10 minutes apart.

When the tub filled, I turned sideways, squatting and sitting on my feet, and checked myself. I was most certainly dilated and I felt a bulging bag of water. I tried to rest between contractions with my head on a folded towel, and started timing with a contraction timer app on my phone -- about every 2 minutes. My stupid phone died. Nice timing. Verizon owes me!

A few minutes later, I called James in. We tried to fix my phone, to no avail. Back to the tub, and I had James get a pillow and a blanket and lay on the bathroom floor so he could rest there with me if I needed him. He put on some relaxing music -- something with bagpipes, and it definitely helped. 

I remember these contractions coming, stronger, more intense. I literally FELT my cervix opening. I kept repeating to myself, "These are NOT stronger than me, these ARE me," and "I can do this" and "Me and thousands of other women are doing this RIGHT NOW" over and over. As the pain got worse, the only thing that was making it better was to lean back against the wall and gently push, then in between, I would rock back and forth, roll my hips, opening my pelvis. I was visualizing baby moving into the birth canal, getting positioned just right.

I had the urge to get on the toilet, so James helped me move. As I got out of the tub, some bloody show fell. He freaked out, and I said as seriously as I could, "James. I NEED you to calm down. It's fine, it's normal. Help me get this baby out."

During the next contraction, I braced myself on the sink and tub and held my body over the toilet. I let out the biggest, loudest fart that echoed in our bathroom. I stood up, rocked some more, held onto James, squatted down -- just did what felt right. A contraction came, so I got back over the toilet, and with a loud POP and a splash, I told James, "And that would be my water breaking."

He lost it: "Oh no, what do I do!"

I told him again, "Calm down. The baby is coming." Then, intense pain. All I could do was pray that I was fully dilated at this point, because the only thing that felt right was to give in and my body completely took over, I had absolutely NO control, and started pushing. I felt down to see if there was a head and I felt hair. I said, "Here it comes!" and stood up to get in the bathtub again.

James looked, saw the head, and said, "Oh my God, there's a head. It's really coming!" Yes honey, I've been telling you "It's coming" for the past 2 hours!

In the tub, with the next contraction, out popped the head, and then he just came out. I remember feeling empty while James grabbed him, set him down, and said, "It's another boy!" I scooped him out of the water, and told James to get the towels. I got him to drain the tub, spray some of the blood off me with the shower, and help me get to our bed.

I just held baby Luke on my skin, while my body contracted to get the placenta out. I felt the urge to push, so I told James to get a bowl. With the next urge, I squat/knelt over it and out came the placenta. It hurt worse than I thought it would! He covered the bowl and covered us up while we waited for his parents to get there. Finally, Luke decided to nurse, and latched on for probably 30-45 minutes straight.

Our second little man was born at approximately 5 a.m. on Friday March 18 (41 weeks, 1 day) caught by his daddy. Big brother Logan was asleep in his room the whole time.

I did it! I birthed my baby, all by myself, no meds, completely naturally, the way God intended birth to be. I didn't tear, not even so much as a skid mark, and Luke is bigger than Logan was (who gave me a skid mark). Never again will this mom birth a baby on her back. Upright made it way easier and more effective! And now I can pee without the burning of too much stretching!

Congratulations, Sarah!

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nonmember avatar Kvetinka

The old argument that women have been giving birth at home for centuries is ridiculous. Yes they have and MANY women and babies died then also. This couple just got lucky nothing went wrong. Why didn't they at least have a midwife there? The husband obviously had no clue what to do! This is not heroic, it is moronic. I gave birth naturally in a hospital and had a great experience. The way I look at it is, if you are giving birth at home by choice and have to call an ambulance should something go wrong, that is a waste of money and time of those first responders that should be there for real emergencies!

acastle2 acastle2


beccimae beccimae

Kventinka you're grossly misinformed.  You're spouting statistics rattled off by doctors to defend their practice. 

Congrats!  You did what your body was made to do!  Amazing! :) Amazing that you trust your body in a society that tells us to fear it!  Enjoy the babymoon!

nonmember avatar Kvetinka

beccimae, I'm not sure what you mean by saying that I'm misinformed. PEOPLE BEFORE YOU CONGRATULATE THIS WOMAN REALLY THINK ABOUT WHAT SHE DID! She gave birth by herself, without anyone educated or at least experienced in childbirth, who could look inside her and see what is going on. Even the women in 17th century had midwives come to help them. I'm not completely against home births. It is everyone's right to do what they want. But I hope people don't go to the extreme like this and think they can do it ON THEIR OWN and then regret it when they realize they cannot and endanger their own life or life of the baby.

JT32606 JT32606

good job mama!

afjen... afjenn480

Wow...thanks for sharing your story! Congratulations! My cousin gave birth at home last month. The hospital wouldn't admit her, after driving over an hour to get there, & she ended up on the couch, delivering her baby herself! The paramedics arrived, but he was mostly out by the time they got there!

afjen... afjenn480

@ Kventinka, I agree in that I think the husband should have been more prepared...I don't agree that calling the ambulance is a waste of resources!

Jeric... Jerichos_Mommy

Awesome.  I love birth stories like this.  Your hubby is awesome too.

nonmember avatar MaineMama

Congratulations on your new son, Sarah! I am writing not to patronize you or discount your incredible story.
I am not opposed to home births, but I am opposed to the sensationalizing of unassisted home births. I had my son at a birthing center- with a midwife and I used absolutely no drugs or means of intervention. So, we're on the same page here. BUT there are so many things that can go wrong and so quickly. A midwife is there for you, and a good one will be there doing whatever you want her to do. For those of you reading this and trying to consider whether or not an unassisted home birth is the correct option for you, please reconsider using a midwife. They are amazing. And it's your responsibility to protect your children....sometimes complications during or from birth are beyond our control.

rebec... rebeccagrace11

I think this was an awesome story and I am so thrilled that everything turned out so perfectly! The only thing that concerns me is that you didn't have at least a midwife there to help if something HAD gone wrong. Also part of the last paragraph kind of bugs me because I think however your child is born, "natural", epidural, c-section, whatever, is the way God intended it to be. Natural homebirth is not the only way to do it...all births are natural! 

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