Worst Baby Shower Games Ever!

baby shower gamesYou've made it past the first trimester with its morning sickness and extreme tiredness. You've moved through the second trimester, where you kinda felt normal, perhaps you found out if you're having a boy or girl. And now it's the third trimester. You're getting bigger, maybe slowing down amid preparations of the nursery and picking names. One final hurdle must be survived: the baby shower.

For some, the baby shower is a fun party to celebrate the impending arrival of Junior. But for most moms-to-be, it is a dreaded event. You have to find something decent to wear even though you feel rather like a whale. You have to have energy, smile, and be social when you just want to lay around in your sweats on the couch. Last but not least, they will make you play those downright horrible baby shower games.


Seriously, whoever first thought up the idea of playing games at a baby shower was just mean ... or a guy. Sure, guessing the date the baby will be born or how much the wee one will weigh isn't so bad. Baby Bingo or Pregnancy Pictionary are tolerable. But I found a few (and have been forced to play some) that have to be the worst baby shower games ever.

1. Guess How Big She Is? Yes, people try to guess how big the pregnant lady is. People tear off as much toilet paper they think will go around her belly. Way to make her feel even more ginormous than she already is. Just so wrong.

2. What Baby Food Is It? In this one, you blindfold the mama-to-be and have her take bites of baby food and guess what it is. Not only will this possibly make her puke, she can't even wash it down with the mimosas and wine everyone else is getting to drink while they laugh at her.

3. What's the Poop? This game is just gross. Different chocolate bars are melted in diapers and everyone has to guess what candy it is. Trust me, passing around diapers with melted chocolate is no one's idea of fun.

4. My Water Broke! Tiny plastic babies are frozen in ice cubes. When guests arrive, everyone gets a frozen baby in a cup. Whoever has the ice melt first, whoever has the plastic baby "born" first, yells, "My water broke!" and wins some prize. I'm picturing frozen babies, and it creeps me out. I'm picturing guests just watching ice melt, and I'm bored. Creepy and bored are not a good combo.

5. Feed the Baby Milk! This is if you have a co-ed shower, I guess. You fill bottles with milk. The men at the party sit on their respective ladies' laps. Each woman has to feed their "baby" a bottle. The "baby" who finished their bottle first wins that couple a prize. Weird, no? This is just going to lead to couples' therapy for more than a few guests.

What's the worst game you've ever played at a baby shower?


Image via aprillynn77/Flickr

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