Protect His Sperm With an iPad


laptop dangerous for spermI’m not typing this right now on my laptop, I’m in the office at the computer. But I often work from my couch, sipping wine cocoa, my laptop on my lap, click-clacking away. Usually, right next to me, is my husband, also working on his laptop -- or checking those Syracuse basketball stats.

We are a modern couple. We’re talking, we’re connecting, but each of us is also doing three other things (I didn’t mention the iPhones or the latest episode of Top Chef  that's on the tube). A perfectly lovely modern evening for any married couple, right?

But his laptop is totally killing off any sibling for our daughter. Yes, I may be overacting a bit, but that computer is boiling his swimmers, scorching his sperm.

I decided to fix this. I bought him an iPad.

How do we know the warriors in his Willie Wonka are getting wilted? There’s been talk for years about tight underwear and hot baths affecting sperm, but now there’s a study out of Italy that says a mere hour of laptop on the lap can make the testicle temp rise two degrees --- twice the level that can lead to infertility problems.

One hour isn’t much. Sure, you can buffer the laptop at home by putting a pillow underneath, but what about when he’s travelling or just forgetting to put that buffer there can be all it takes to cause sperm issues. The experts say females don't have anything to worry about in terms of lapping the laptop -- we can breath easy, ladies.

So, yeah, I bought him an iPad. Not only does it not get as hot, you usually keep the cover on it when you work with it, so there’s an automatic buffer. heck, if iPad sales ever wane, Apple could definitely use the "less harm to sperm" as a selling point. 

Possible slogan: iPad. It won’t fry Frankie Jr.

Does your husband keep his laptop on his lap?

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Sara Reibslager Tripp

That is totally true, we were trying for a second child and couldn't figure out why it wasn't happening.  Needless to say after I had all the fertility tests that said I was fine, we found my husband's laptop the culprit.  Three months after he stopped using it in his lap we got pregnant again.  I hate to think of the problems the next generation will have with fertility issue due to laptops.....

Peajewel Peajewel

I had no idea. My husband keeps the lap top on my daughter's table so It is not on his lap. 

Lynette Lynette

DH's computer for work is a laptop.  I'll have to talk to him about protecting himself ;)

brwne... brwneyeddaisy1

lol, we have an iPad (2 actually) and he's fixed, but the article still made me laugh!!

ethan... ethans_momma06

Mine uses it mainly on the desk, so not to big of a concern.

081109 081109

Yay for the Syracuse mention in there!

sodapple sodapple

very rarely.

nonmember avatar tommy

well hey. me and my wife are not a fan of kids. I don't want to get *fixed* and she doesn't like bc. who knew that my computer could be the solution lol

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

No, he usually uses it at the table.

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