Model Eva Herzigova Is Latest Natural Birth Advocate


eva herzigovaIt seems that models aren't that dumb after all. Between Gisele Bundchen's home birth and support of exclusive breastfeeding, and Miranda Kerr's natural birth and beautiful breastfeeding picture, it's looking like we're seeing a new trend of models being role models for natural birth and parenting.

The next model to speak out for less medically involved parenting is 7 months pregnant Eva Herzigova, who has her sights set on a natural birth and doesn't understand why anyone would choose to go early or choose a c-section. She told CTV News:

I wanted to give birth naturally at nine months. I've heard some women book delivery by Cesarean early before their due date. I think a lot do it because of the fear of pain.

Eva mentions the fear of pain, and there are women who do choose a c-section just to avoid pain -- though that is rare because most realize that there is still pain involved in the recovery. And some moms are pushed into a c-section by a doctor because of reasons I won't get fired up on in this post. This doesn't include emergency c-sections though, when it's actually an emergency -- then a c-section is a life-saving procedure. But Eva, beautiful supermodel, is now turning into birth advocate.

What I'm wondering is if maybe just having a career based on love and adoration of your body could be part of the reason Eva, Miranda, and Gisele are turning to more natural parenting ideas. After all, if they can trust their bodies to look beautiful, pose in attractive ways, all to sell products ... why not also be able to function and perform in the ways they're designed to make babies as well? As Miranda Kerr showed, breasts can be sexual AND functional, without competing.

Herzigova apparently loves her body even more while baby baking; she even said, "Being pregnant is less about being sexy than being sensual. You feel very feminine. There are all these special hormonal enhancements. You really blossom, especially in the first three months: my skin and my hair were in great condition; my breasts were like ‘wow'; it was like I'd had a facelift and breast-enhancement surgery."

Okay, well now I just want to slap her. I wish I thought being pregnant made me THAT hot. Kidding aside though, I think it's awesome that she finds so much in her pregnancy to make her feel more womanly and beautiful, and likely gives her more faith in her body to be able to continue being feminine and matronly, even as the baby's brought into this world. I wish her the best, and can't wait to hear how her birth goes.

I hope she gets the all-natural birth she wants.

Do you think a model's job gives them more faith in their bodies?


Image via Splash News

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angev... angevil53

i'm sure having higher self-esteem really does help women choose their destiny without being told what to do by a dr. i think that maybe she is a little undeducated about the number of women who "choose to go early or choose c-section" bc i don't know ANY women that got what they really wanted when they asked for a c-section or asked to be induced. i asked for a c-section and my dr politely declined me, saying well see when we there. well i never did get that c-section. nor when i was begging for them to stop giving me meds to stop my contractions did they. i just wanted him out already! they said it was just too soon, so i stayed heavily medicated in the hospital for two weeks until my body went again, into labor. they finally let me have him at the safe 36 weeks. most women don't get to choose those things, i'm one of those women. i am so glad my dr didn't listen to me!

mtnma... mtnmama111

uh no as a former model who decided to go to Stanford instead of pursue a fashion calling ;D body acceptance is not the norm.. 

glad these mommas are speaking out for positive values!! (and not just what will make them the most money..)

nonmember avatar patriy

Funny if it were Gisele she would be bashed.

Miriam Kennedy

I think the particular models that you mentioned here have very positive body images and yes I think that does contribute to their attitude about pregnancy and birth. I'm glad to hear the article writers  positive attitude as well.


I have always thought she was so gorgeous. I hope she gets the birth she wants.

jpfsmom jpfsmom

I just watched a movie advocating home birth and natural birth still makes me want the epidural with my obgyn.

Saman... Samanthamommy

A home birth is definitely  not for me.

lilah... lilahsmommie

Pregnancy labor and child birth are painful. I dont think that choosing a c section to avoid pain is an educated move. Pain is part of it, and something that should be expected to some extent.

lilah... lilahsmommie

My SIL was one of those women who was forced into a c section by doctors. Everything was progressing nicely and naturally, and then they said the baby had turned breach all of a sudden, but did not do an US to confirm this, they said she had to have a c-section because breach birth is illegal in the state she lives in. They had confirmed when she arrived in the hospital that she was not breach, imo they thought it was taking too long. Labor has somehow turned into something that is expected to be short, and in reality that is not always the case.

While I believe that you are your own best advocate I think that it is really awesome that there are people with such influence showing the beauty in doing things naturally but not portraying it to be the only right way. I hope that these beautiful women can help others to make decisions that are right for them.

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