The Strangest Baby Names Come From Alaska

unusual baby namesDid you name your kid Winkleton? Do you live out west? If so, you have something in common with Sarah Palin, who is probably not surprised by this latest research that shows people from so-called "frontier" states are more likely to give their babies unusual names. And people from the original 13 colonies go for the more traditional, or popular, baby names (the two exceptions being Georgia and South Carolina).

So let's all make a leap and also say it's because people who live in these hard-scrabble states have an independent streak a mile wide and a day long. No one's going to tell them what to name baby Toodee! Of course, in today's world of easy travel and constant relocation, it's highly likely that the Saber in your kid's Colorado pre-school was born in Virginia and moved for mom or dad's work.


Still, according to this study, the highest percentage of unusual baby names can be found in Hawaii, Wyoming, Louisiana, Idaho, Oklahoma, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Mississippi, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Alaska, and South Carolina. 

Clearly these researchers ignored every Brooklyn pre-school in existence. I remember talking to a California mom friend and laughing about how no one names their kids ordinary names anymore, after reciting the unusual names of every single kid in my daughter's class. She proceeded to tell me there were plenty of Thomases and Emilys in her son's school. Now that I'm also living in a frontier state, I've also found a ton of traditional names, whereas in Brooklyn our playdates for Esme were with Wiles, Oona, and Daphne.

Does your baby have an unusual name? Do you live in a frontier state?

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