Alyssa Milano Has the Lamest Pregnancy Cravings


alyssa milano cravingWith so many pregnant celebs in the news, I just can't get enough of them. Natalie Portman and her award-winning bun-in-the-oven. Mariah Carey and her jaw-dropping nursery shopping. And after announcing she is pregnant just last week, Alyssa Milano is now dishing on what she's piling on her dish.

Yup, she's through her first trimester and talking cravings. Oh, those dang pregnancy cravings. Midnight munchies of mac-n-cheese. Breakfast binges on buttered croissants. But Alyssa doesn't want any of those -- nope, she wants (wait for it) broccoli.

Seriously? I'm glad Alyssa's getting good antioxidants and vitamin C (broccoli is chock-full of goodness), but this is the time where you get to splurge. You get double orders of French fries. You eat the ice cream straight from the carton. You play the "I can eat the whole pizza if I want to" card.

I checked out what other celeb moms craved: Ashlee Simpson craved junk food, Katie Holmes wanted cupcakes, and Halle Berry popped pickled peppers. And American Idol judge J. Lo? She wanted orange soda, M&Ms, and salsa. Now there's a mama who knows how to rock a craving.

I confess I didn't love being pregnant. Had major back woes and could never quite get comfortable in bed. But the one thing I did enjoy: my weird eating urges. What did I crave? BLT sandwiches and vanilla milkshakes. I still have those every once in a while, but doesn't quite hit the spot as they did when I was preggers.

Alyssa does admit it is an "odd" craving to have and says she isn't worried about weight gain. Good for her. Does Haagen-Dazs make broccoli ice cream?

Did you have weird pregnancy cravings?


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nonmember avatar Pamela

I craved...sardines and canned green beans when I was pregnant with my son.

Emmy_... Emmy_Dollface

Broccoli is what I craved. The doctor said it was because my body wanted the iron since I couldn't take prenatals with iron (I'd barf every.single.time). So it's not lame, just different. Not everyone wants junk all of the time. I ate healthier while pregnant than I do now, and it wasn't intentional. I just ate what my body wanted.


I actualy craved fresh fruits and veggies a LOT!  I would take cut up veggies and veggie dip,  and fruit and fruit dip to work and eat on it all day. 

Lynette Lynette

w/ my first I craved fresh fruit, w/ my 2nd it was hard candy(suckers, jolly ranchers, etc), w/ my 3rd it was fresh strawberries, tomatoes, & cherries

foxyb... foxyboxer12182

All I've wanted this pregnancy is fresh fruits and veggies. Pregnancy is the time to eat healthy not binge and gorge.

Azaezle Azaezle

I craved junk food and crap with my first and salads and water with my second. I gained way too much with my first and still trying to lose it. gained less with my second, felt a ton better and was down to pre-preggo weight within 4-5 months. Nothing wrong with craving good stuff that your body needs! 

nonmember avatar Deborah

I craved healthy stuff at first - salad, veggies, fruit, etc. But that was coming off the first trimester when I could barely eat anything due to the nausea. I think my body needed the vitamins by then! Once that settled, it was onto more traditional preggo cravings like cheeseburgers, ice cream and chocolate. I say eat both good stuff and junk stuff and love your pregnancy!

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

All I wanted with my first were peanut butter sanwichs and strawberries, OMG they were delicious!!! My second I just wanted a banana split with gummy bears but it had to be from baskin robbins and I never got it because the baskin robbins where I live now sucks so I had to resign myself to eating a home made banana split which didn't really hit the spot at all.

Misteh Misteh

Poptarts :) they are the only thing that gets this baby moving lol


Asparagus. Apples. And Hershey chocolate 1 pound bars. Not all together. The weird thing is I didn't like these three things before and don't like any of them now. Only for those9 months with my youngest. With my oldest I didn't really crave nor gain much. 

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