Pregnant Women Do Not Need to Stress About Stress!

Pregnancy testDespite warning ladies basking in the light of their childbearing age that stress hampers conception, researchers are changing their mind again. The New York Times shared the findings that said stress plus sperm plus egg can still produce a baby when you're trying to conceive.

But forgive me for not being happy about these new findings. Stress is bad. No one needs a doctor to tell us that, right? Yes, a woman can still get pregnant and have a healthy child while under stress, but your health as a mother can still be compromised. Shame on those medical theorists for even giving women the ammo to feel more confident about shouldering more stress.


I appreciate, even applaud, the continual discoveries of modern medicine. But if they come out with one more contradictory piece of information, I might not be able to think straight (and heaven knows it’s already a struggle as it is). Although the study focused on women undergoing fertility treatments, I can’t imagine that a stressful lifestyle would be healthy for an unborn child under any circumstance.

I’m not a scientist. Heck, I barely made it out of biology in my junior year of high school. But my good sense tells me that we should continue to avoid stress like the plague. Not that anybody’s signing up to be stressed, but I’m just sayin’.

Did you have a stressful pregnancy? How do you think it affected your baby?

Image via janineomg/Flickr

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