The Feminist Breeder's Home Birth Will Be Broadcast!

For some, the idea of a Facebook update or text messages in the early stages of labor seems odd. I found it a nice distraction when I didn't need to concentrate much on contractions, but ended up stuck in the hospital. This digital age can help friends and family really feel involved and able to support the soon-to-be new mom even when distance keeps people apart.

But Gina Crosley-Corcoran -- The Feminist Breeder -- is taking it a step further, and is Live Blogging her upcoming home birth on her website. And it's a VBAC.


Whoever tunes in will be kept up-to-date on Gina's vaginal home birth after a cesarean. She has two children -- the first was delivered by c-section. The second was a VBAC in the hospital, and this time she will be delivering at home.

Using a service called "CoverLive," Gina will have a dedicated documentarian, a woman she's hired specifically to post text updates, photos, and even videos in a live format that looks similar to a chat room no matter what happens. While the main focus is Gina's own experience, the idea that it can help people have a look into their own home birth is a unique opportunity to quell misconceptions or myths about what a real home birth looks like. Gina points out that home birthers aren't just for the "patchouli-wearing, mystical Earth Goddess, long-skirt wearing" crowd. Gina's a punk rocker, high-heel wearing lawyer type. And hates patchouli.

Some people aren't huge fans of her plans, so Gina has made sure that her documentarian knows that she does not want to know what kind of responses she's getting on her blog. No responses or feedback will reach her ears or affect her birth.

If you are excited about this, like me, you can subscribe to receive a text when Gina goes into labor, so you can hop over to the blog and watch it live. I plan to, and hope to cry happy tears for my friend, who is getting a chance at a healing and peaceful birth that I want but won't ever have. And I hope many women, pregnant or not, will tune in to Gina's birth and watch it for what it is -- a shot at seeing what a real, live, unedited, non-medically driven birth looks like. Something we're severely lacking in this country as most births on TV and in films are edited to scare and shock.

For those who find an "I'm dilated to a 7 and the contractions are starting to get really close together" update on Facebook to be a little TMI, this is probably information overload. But just like nursing in public -- if you don't like it, you don't have to watch. 

Will you tune in to her birth?


Image via bionicteaching/Flickr

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