Not All Teen Moms Are Like Amber Portwood, Thank God


baby and soccer ballThere’s never been much glory in becoming a mother before becoming an adult, and teenage motherhood isn't getting any more palatable to the general public, thanks to few of the young mothers on Teen Mom. I mean, honestly: who among us thinks Amber Portwood should be nominated for any “Best Mama Under the Sun” awards?

Still, there are modern-day, feel-good tales to celebrate out there, like the story of Zuleyni Huizache and Sulma Plancarte, two young women who could’ve easily been written off as damaged goods or lost causes by their coach, their parents, and the rest of the world because each had a child before she was 16. Instead, their talent and love for the game of soccer have led their San Jose, California-area team to an 18-0-2 record of victory.

Amber, my dear, take notes.

Zuleyni Huizache and Sulma Plancarte gave their teen parenting challenges a swift kick in the cojones to become the first and second lead scorers on their team respectively, which is a heck of a lot more admirable than, say, stripping down to flesh and bone to pose for nudie shots. I mean, I get the whole rebellion, acting out thing. Take the enormous responsibility of motherhood -- the lack of sleep, the overwhelming number of worries, the constant need for cash, and oh, the lack of sleep -- and multiply that by the issues that naturally coincide with being a teenager still in high school, and I can almost empathize with Amber and her crew of fellow teen mothers.

But seeing Amber Portwood stroll the red carpet at the Oscars, even if it was fake, and stopping for paparazzi shots makes me pause: she’s not notable because she’s an awesome actress or a gifted singer or even a brand ambassador like that chick from the Progressive commercials. She’s a girl who got knocked up before she graduated high school and did a reality TV show about it. Glamorous? Not so much.

This ain’t the 1950s when pregnancy was all very hush-hush and mysterious. With all the education that parents, schools, the government, and public health organizations have pressed upon our kids about the dangers of unprotected sex and HIV/AIDS and STIs and abstinence and condom usage, any teenager who finds herself with child despite all of the resources and education being thrown at her is willfully being reckless. I might even venture to call it stupid. I know that willful stupidity of being a teenage mother all too well because I was one of them.

But I can at least respect young moms like Huizache and Plancarte for being role models for their kids by staying in school, pursuing their positive passions for soccer, and admitting how hard the teen mom life actually is for them. Their experiences will leave a far more positive impression on their kids’ futures than capitalizing on their poor decision-making with headline-making shenanigans on TMZ. Amber’s antics might make teenage motherhood entertaining, but shouldn’t we be giving more props to the real-life girls who are balancing the challenges without the glitz of camera time?

Are we sensationalizing teen motherhood in the wrong way?


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nonmember avatar Norm

Amber and Gary are completely unfit to be parents. If they truly loved Leah, and cared about her well being, they would understand that putting her up for adoption is the best solution. They would then both get sterilized.

It is not fair to Leah that she has these two morons for parents. She is already quite a heavy child, and my guess is that she will battle with her weight.

Neither Gary not Amber are fit to raise this child. Just because you can have a child doesn't mean you should.

mommix4 mommix4

We got preggo with our oldest son at 17. Its hard. I think most girls live in a fantasy world when they try to get pregnant as a teen. For me it worked out we've been married almost 12yrs and have 4 kids. But its been a long hard road. At almost 31 we just now almost financially secure. We still don't own a home or a degree I love my son but he deserved an adult for parents when he was little

angev... angevil53

huh? on one hand you talk about how terrible we are for "sensationalizing" the subject of teen mom's and on the other you promote two other's bad choices bc they play a sport? what?!...maybe next time figure out where you are going with a post.

paren... parentalrights1

It's easier for you to sit in self righteous judgement over Amber when you can't even begin to understand what she's feeling and what's going on with her. Leave her the hell alone already America. Maybe if people spent as much time helping as they did judging she would be alot better off.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I'm not entirely sure there IS a 'right' way to portray teen parenthood.

bhowa... bhoward87

I hate the fact that the world feels the need to glamorize being a teen mom because I was a teen mom and it was HARD! and that was growing up in a upper middle class family and I still struggle even now. Its sad how the world really is all about the money.

Saman... Samanthamommy

I agree with Ethans mom. There isn't a right way to judge teen parenting. Everyone is ifferent.

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