Facebook Now Banning Pregnancy Portraits


Demi MooreFirst came multiple reports that pictures of women breastfeeding are being banned on Facebook. Now it seems beautiful pregnancy portraits aren't allowed either. What's up Mark Zuckerberg? Does Facebook have it out for motherhood?

From Demi Moore to Claudia Schiffer to Miranda Kerr, celebrities have graced magazine covers baring their glorious, pregnant bodies. But when mom-to-be Angela Hurst had similar pictures taken and posted them on Facebook, the site banned them. All her private parts were covered; they were tasteful; and she was thrilled to share them with her friends and family. Too bad said Facebook.

Hurst was shocked and told The Sun:

The picture was a bit of fun and not at all seedy -- all my 'bits' were covered. I had a lot of messages from people, particularly women, saying how much they loved it. It was something nice to remember my pregnancy by and was not sexual -- and if Demi Moore can do it, why can't I?

Facebook again issued its refrain, "Our rules prohibit nudity on the site." Okay, fine, but it's not nudity if all your parts are covered, right? I've seen plenty of racy, purposefully provocative pictures of women in lingerie and swimsuits on Facebook that they should be much more concerned about if they're going to be all puritanical.

And why do they need to be all puritanical anyway? I don't want to see any pregnancy porn in my newsfeed, but if I did, I have the power to defriend that person. As for children on the site being affected, well it's their parents' job to monitor their friends. If you don't want your children to see pics of a pregnant woman's bare belly, then don't let them be friends with someone who would post them.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are two of the most beautiful experiences of a woman's life. Zuckerberg and his team need to acknowledge this or at least not act as if they're illicit activities or they're going to lose some of their most loyal users.

Do you think Facebook should ban nude maternity portraits?

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miche... micheledo

Have to be honest - I much prefer a breastfeeding photo to one of you naked (even if you 'strategically' cover your private parts).  You are NUDE.  Nudity is not allowed.  I guess that is why I don't understand breastfeeding photos falling under this guideline.  9 times out of 10 the mom is fully clothed while breastfeeding, NOT nude.

Chesh... Cheshire13

Geeze. If this keeps up soon you'll only be allowed to have a pic of you in a bathing suit or tank top if they deem you hot enough...or young enough....or skinny enough. It's BS. Guess I better start finding my long sleeve turtlenecks.

banging head into wall

Tiffany Fisher

ehh it sucks but deal with it, put on a bikini and take the pic if you want to show that much of your preggo self! sarcasm

Barbara White

Personally I don't want to see either pregnant naked women or breast feeding women now let me see some hot looking males then we're talking lol

Teresa Kinsey-Young

Well, you just have to remember the age to have a Facebook is 13. They have to draw the line somewhere.
On the other hand, I've seen way nastier photos of girls trying to be sexy that don't get deleted.
Bottom line, check your friends list. Someone is reporting the pictures. It may be time to do some friend list clean-up. :)

Kimmy Brooks

As an upcoming photographer, I'm a little irritated by this new rule. When done as art, there should be leeway. It's one thing to have a self-portrait of yourself naked in the bathroom done with a cell phone. When you're doing tasteful photography, I see nothing wrong with it.

Kitti... Kittilicious

I think it's getting out of hand. If you can't post a baby bump, then why can 13 year olds post pics of themselves showing clevage and in provacative poses? 

kaseyp84 kaseyp84

Here's an idea for all the people complaining about pregnancy photos: don't look at them. Pretty simple.

Danielle N Thornton

I have been in this battle for quite a while now.. since they started deleting the breastfeeding photos and 'The Leaky B@@b' . It is outrageous.  But since Facebook is a multibillion dollar company... who do you think will when this battle? Facebook or the Moms offended? 95% of Facebook is full of teens and high schools who are not affected by this.. Facebook will still continue and us moms whoare offended by their actions will lose.. Thats the way of the world.. unless you got a lot of money to fight Facebook.. we arent going to get anywhere. I am still on the seach for a new facebook like social networking site. CafeMom so far has my vote.. but its not like I can have my hubs on here. haha.

Jessica Smith Mullins

Sorry, but showing your prego belly is NOT art. I hate when pics pop up of ladies showing off their belly. It's disgusting and I'm ecstatic that fb is banning them.

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