Tackiest Ways to Share Your Pregnancy News

There are plenty of ways to get creative with telling the world you're expecting, like recording a song about the blessed event and putting it on a mix CD for friends or strategically placing that pregnancy test somewhere your husband will see it, but there can also be some really bad, tactless ways to go about it.

Like the maternity t-shirt. You've seen those ads in the pregnancy magazines at your doctor's office: "Bump, Not Plump!" Or for those who want to be more blunt, "Yes, I'm Pregnant." The men's versions are even worse. "My Boys Can Swim" was my husband's favorite when we were expecting. Wearing his 'n' hers t-shirts to the next family picnic is like wearing those old "I'm With Stupid" t-shirts. Don't be that couple!

Here are a few more dumb ways to say you're pregnant:


Sonogram Overkill. It's fun to email that first picture of your baby to friends and family, but when you start screen-printing it on t-shirts or, worse, a postage stamp, it's a little creepy. The mailman does not need to see your fetus.

Facebook. I've seen many a friend's sonogram pop up on my home page, and while that's a fun, cute way to tell the masses, sharing big news on Facebook can be a double-edged sword. There's always that person who goes, "Wait? You're pregnant! I didn't know ..." and is sad that you didn't take the time to tell them privately. I know, I know, you can't tell every single person you know, but just make sure you haven't left out someone who might be offended before you spread it on the web. Plus, it's such a good feeling to tell people one-on-one; what's one more excited conversation before you go public?

The Holiday Letter. These are just bad, period, but lumping your major development into a boring letter about the year's record snowfalls or your new deck just minimizes its importance.

A Toast. There's nothing tackier than someone trying to steal your thunder on a big day, like a best man proposing to his girlfriend at your wedding or a friend announcing she's pregnant during a toast at your baby shower. (This did not happen to me; I'm just saying, it'd be poor form.) A toast is about someone else, not you, so wait until after the event to quietly share with friends.

Post-It Note. We all know from Sex and the City that breaking up with someone on a Post-It Note is careless, almost as bad as a 27-second voicemail -- cough, Joe Jonas -- so don't just scribble the news and leave it on the bathroom mirror like a reminder to buy milk.

What's your idea of the lamest way to tell people you're pregnant?

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