Not Revealing Baby's Sex Will Make In-Laws Hate You

baby bootiesFresh off of his Grammy win, Matt Bellamy and his baby mama Kate Hudson gave us some news -- they will not find out the gender of their baby. 

It's one of the big decisions you make while you are preggers. One of those decisions made at around 20 weeks, when ultrasounds will be able to tell if there's a little winky (or not) on your baby.

Pregnant ladies are on two teams: Team Want to Be Surprised or Team Want to Know. I don't think one team is better than the other ... but your family members may disagree.  


The thing about pregnancy is that it's long and it feels longer than it actually is, at times. That's nature's way of giving everyone time to prepare for this huge event. To prepare emotionally for the baby's arrival and prepare the home for the baby's arrival. Think about those nesting impulses that kick in -- those have been around for eons to make mothers prepare for what's about to happen.

So -- and I'm just throwin' this out there -- if you don't find out the sex of your baby, you may be fine with it, but it may not allow those around you to properly prepare for the impending arrival. I'm not meaning to cause trouble or strife in Pregnant Paradise, but Pappy and Meemaw may be a little peeved you aren't finding out.

In other words, when you don't find out the gender of the kiddo, you're pissing people off.

The main reason? People want to buy you gifts. Gifts you will want. Gifts you won't return. If you don't like beige or green or yellow, if you want pink stuff for your little princess or blue caps for your bambino AND you aren't finding out the gender, then it makes it a pain for those trying to give you things.

Luckily, there's a new site out there that's supposed make it easier to register when you are on Team Want to Be Surprised. Called Not Finding Out, they know what the gender will be (via some card your doc fills out). You register for items and when people shop for you, they can select "blue or pink" and the correct color gift is sent once the baby has arrived. 

It sounds a little complicated, but it's an alternative to returning a bunch of light green onesies for pink ones once your little girl arrives.

Will you (or did you) find out the sex of your baby?


Image via handmaidenbymaria/Flickr


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