Turn Valentine's Day Sex Into a Lucky Baby

sexI am kind of superstitious. I keep those little slips from fortune cookies in my wallet if it was a particularly great meal. I have a whole thing about crossing paths with a pug and having good luck for the rest of that day (details on that in another post, I'm sure).

Well, if I were in the process of trying to get pregnant -- or thinking about adding to my brood in the near future -- I'd be lighting the candles, pouring some vino, and sprinkling rose petals on the bed this Valentine's Day evening (and the next few days).

Why? One of those lucky calendar dates is coming up in about 40 weeks from now. Ahhh, yes, now you're getting it: that's the same length as a "normal" full-term pregnancy, which could also result in a lucky birthdate for your baby!


So what's the lucky date? Why it's 11/11/11, and it's not just babymakers who have noticed. Hotels, restaurants, churches, temples, all sorts of places are getting booked up. Expect weddings, parties, celebrations out the wazoo on November 11, 2011.

How lucky is it? Well, according to some numerologists, since it can be read the same upside-down and backwards, the number 11 has double amounts of power. Others say it signifies unity and resolve. Most sports teams have 11 players. Buddhism has 11 groups of kindness.

Okay, yeah, great, whatever. But, really, look at the practical aspects of an 11/11/11 baby. It will be a nice fall birthday. Before the craziness of all of the holidays, but not in the summer (when all of her friends may be on vacation and not able to make her parties). 

And, in terms of pregnancy, it's kind of the perfect time to be pregnant: you tackle the first trimester ickiness while it is still cold out. Come springtime, you get your energy back and you won't be totally huge during the hot summer months. And you give birth before the word "blizzard" may pop up in your due date's weather forecast.

Yup, from all angles, this plan looks good, ladies. So, make your Valentine's Day "evening activities" really count.

Are you trying for a lucky 11/11/11 baby?


Image via Lite Speed Photography/Flickr

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