How to Make Your Husband's Sperm Work!

spermYou are on month five of trying to make a baby. You have your ovulation calendar synced in both of your iPhones. It has gotten so routine he's watching SportsCenter while schtupping you on the couch.

If his little swimmers are not quite up to par, fix your husband's sperm with your next trip to the supermarket. Sperm fix-up on aisle 3!

A new study suggests if you are struggling to conceive, dial up your man's antioxidant level. We're talkin' force-feeding him some nutrient goodies.


According to researchers, a diet rich in antioxidants can boost fertility in men who are "subfertile." Okay, no one likes to be called "sub" anything, but subfertility is when it is his problem sperm that's making you do the baby dance to the point you throw your back out. The good news: in the group where the guy upped his antioxidant intake, almost four times as many pregnancies were reported, versus the group where there was no change in the dude's diet.

So what should you put on that shopping list to get his sperm working? First up, fruits -- blueberries, raspberries, red grapes. While you are in the fresh produce area, get him the right veggies, like carrots, spinach, tomatoes, and broccoli. Next up? Tea. Get him hooked on some green or black tea. What's left? Garlic. Serve it up at every meal ... and buy him some mouthwash.

Why not combine them to make one uber-spermy meal -- broccoli pizza or vegetable lasagna followed by healthy and juicy fruit salad. Don't you love it when studies tell you to eat yummy things?

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