Victoria Beckham to Pose Nude & Pregnant for 'Vogue'?


David and Victoria BeckhamRumor has it that Victoria Beckham is going to pose nude in all of her pregnant glory for the cover of U.S. Vogue. Apparently Anna Wintour is hot on the idea of having Posh pose in a pic reminiscent of Demi Moore's on Vanity Fair. While pregnant celebrities posing nude seems to be pretty much a requirement in Hollywood these days, this one could be a little more interesting than most.

First of all, it's Vogue. They're not exactly in the business of putting pregnant women on their cover. Claudia Schiffer did it for the magazine's German edition, but here in the U.S., Vogue hasn't gone there ... yet. It would be great to see the fashion Bible make such a strong statement about the beauty of pregnancy.

Second, it's Victoria Beckham. She's only been on Vogue's cover once in the States, and that was with the rest of the Spice Girls. Like her or not, she is fascinating to ogle. And aren't you just dying to know what someone that skinny really looks like pregnant?

"Knowing Victoria, she'll do something completely unique with it," a source told Britain's Star magazine. "It's not a very Vogue thing to do, but the team can make it work and make it 'fashion.' Anna's apparently really keen on it. Everyone's expecting it to fly off the shelves. Victoria's a huge style icon."

And fly off the shelves I bet it will if she really does it. But forget any notions of seeing her hunky husband, David Beckham, on there with her. The source said that will NOT happen.

"This Vogue idea is Vic's baby. She'd rather eat her own hair extensions than have David anywhere near it! She wants to do this on her own."

I hope she does it, but I can see her turning it down just to do something different and not join this whole trend. If she declines, I'm sure there are plenty of other of Hollywood's pregnant ladies who'd jump at the opportunity. Natalie Portman, perhaps?

Do you want to see Victoria Beckham pose naked for Vogue?

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hmmm..  no.

Bree1984 Bree1984

Victoria Beckham's pregnant?

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yuck...sorry she doesn't need anymore fame.

Anna.K Anna.K

being pregnant and nude and gets to be the cover of a magazine is somewhat redundant.. first try was CLASSIC,  second one HOHUUMM,  third !#@$#$%^6!!!!

frysh... fryshannon34

I wouldnt mind seein it

nonmember avatar zarch

NO THANK YOU! Pregancy may be beautiful..she is NOT. We do not want to see anymore of your bones and than we have too.

Emily Pressley

this strikes me as odd, because in her book (yes, i read it) she's pretty open about not liking her body when she's pregnant, that's why there aren't really that many photos of her showing off her pregnancy. although maybe that's changed.

nonmember avatar Vicki M

The first Demi Moore pregnancy pose was "Classic" as Anna K. stated. All these other celebrity pregnant women, like Jessica Simpson, who just posed nude during her pregnancy, need to be original in creating their own ideas instead of copying Demi Moores. Ho hum....indeed. Be different, don't follow the pack, reinvent yourself, like Madonna and own it!

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