Don't Regret It: Take Tons of Baby Bump Photos Now!

Pink's new baby bump self-portrait is super cute and is making me wistful for that maternity photo shoot I never had.

I really liked my baby bump. It was pretty and smooth and in no way resembled a spare tire or a beer gut. Aside from annoying pregnancy acne, I was happy with my overall appearance. I was just happy. And I wish I'd captured that.

A photographer friend of mine offered to do a shoot, but I kept putting it off, claiming I was too tired or too busy or would need the money for something else baby-related, but looking back, not doing the shoot is one of my biggest pregnancy regrets.


At the time, I wondered what I would do with the photos. Would I share them on Facebook, turn them into a holiday card, or frame a few and hang them? But as my dear friend and talented photographer Courtney D'ne Brown points out, you don't have to share them with anyone. "It's more of a document, a way of keeping the memories of all the crazy emotions you were feeling at the time alive: vulnerable, excited, beautiful," she explains. And I think that's a lovely way to put it. I didn't keep a journal, so some intimate portraits -- alone and with my husband -- capturing that time might have captured those emotions, too.

My camera-shy husband wasn't totally on board, but if I had made it clear to him it was something I really, really wanted to do, he would have done it with me. Nevertheless, I will cherish the cute self-portrait we took on our babymoon (which is totally worth it!) and a couple shots together from a wedding we attended.

For those ladies who are a bit camera shy but curious about a maternity shoot, Brown has three suggestions: a) take the time to find a photographer who makes you feel really comfortable and meet with him or her beforehand, b) shop for an outfit that makes you feel pretty, and c) look at yourself in the mirror and find what you love most about being pregnant and tell that to your photographer. "That way you can work together to have that come through in your photos," she says.

Now all I do is take pictures of my baby, and while I know I will look at those for years and years to come, I wish I had a little something of her when she was just a round bump attached to Mom.

Did you or will you have a maternity photo shoot?


Image via Colure/Flickr

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