You're Pregnant! I Dare You to Tell Someone

Congratulations! Those two pink lines finally showed up. You are now the bearer of the biggest, best secret there is: You're Pregnant! Obviously, you can tell your husband, but the standard time for sharing the news is 12 weeks, when the chances of miscarriage have gone down significantly. But aren't you just dying to tell someone else? Of course you are!

I remember reading a silly article during my pregnancy in which the author waited the full 12 weeks to tell her and her husband's parents. It was their "romantic little secret." Well, to each their own. Personally, I could not imagine enduring the first trimester with just my hubby and my doc knowing and think it's totally okay to bend "the rules."


Those first 12 weeks can be a seriously scary time and it helps to confide in a third party, especially someone who may have been through it before, like your mom or a pregnant co-worker. If it's someone you don't know very well, that may even be better. Then there's no risk of them blabbing to the rest of your friends!

When I got the news, I was dying to tell someone aside from my husband. Unfortunately, my mom died a few years ago, so I didn't have that special, unbiased, loving person to talk to about my anxieties, concerns, and questions. Right after I got my second hCG test, I remember going to interview a pregnant actress who was gushing about the joys of pregnancy. I leaned across the table and asked if she could keep a secret. A smile broke across her face and she whispered with glee, "You're pregnant?!" It felt so amazing to get it off my chest, and she had so many comforting things to say. I ran into her a few times after that, and she'd always give me a wink and a thumbs up and ask if everything was okay. Plus, I have the story of being able to say the first person I told was a beautiful TV actress.

We soon shared the news with our parents, who were thrilled but also anxious since it was only a few weeks into the pregnancy. But it was so nice to have them know. That way, we could share our joy but also have them to rely on if something terrible had happened.

When did/will you tell someone other than your husband? Who will it be?

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