Katie Holmes Offers World's Worst Reason For Pregnancy


Katie HolmesOnce upon a time, I loved Katie Holmes. Then she married her couching jumping post partum depression-denying husband, gave (silent) birth to his spawn and successfully forced me to deny all fond Dawson's Creek marathon memories (save for Joshua Jackson dreams, natch). But Katie, Katie, Katie! This takes the cake.

Apparently Suri's mama was heard talking about trying for baby number two with crazy Tom Cruise. Said the actress (emphasis mine):

Suri would love a brother or sister to play with. I think it would be good for her. It’s hard to say no to her.


Oh Katie, thank you for that laugh. Because nothing screams "make another baby" like "I can't handle my first one!"

This "my child wants a sibling, and I'm going to give him/her" approach rankles particularly because I hear it . . . constantly. My husband and I opted to stop after our daughter. The reasons vary -- he was a happy only child who desperately wanted a daughter, and we got her on our first try; I had a rough pregnancy; and frankly, we're financially comfortable with one but two would be stretching it. But when people hear we have an only, their first question is: when are you going to "give her a brother or sister?"

Give her? Why should it be up to her? Or Suri for that matter?

Our kids don't carry our babies. They don't breastfeed them. Or get up in the middle of the night with them, pay for their diapers and shoes and college. They don't bear the emotional burden of raising their siblings to adulthood. In short, they have nothing to do with the important issues upon which a decision to have a child are based.

Although Katie and Tom have a little less to deal with -- they don't really worry about the cost of college -- they're still the adults in this situation who will have to bear the brunt of raising their little girl's newest desired object. And if their eldest is so spoiled that her parents will make a person for her, good luck introducing baby number two without a nasty onset of sibling rivalry.

Can you top this silly reason for getting pregnant?


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momof... momof030404

We were going to try for a 4th because the difference in ages between our first two and our third was over 7 years due to fertility issues. The decision being primarily for our son to have a sibling close to his age to grow with. I am 9 yrs older than MY closest sister (due to divorce) and I ENVY their closeness and did my whole life! Its not a PURELY selfish to think of this. I find it marginally selfish not to realize that when you grow old the ENTIRE burden will fall to your ONE child. the financial AND emotional burden. There wont be someone for them to lean on who fully appreciates the love and the memories. I dont see the problem with having another child FOR your child.....There are just SO MANY reasons why its a plus....FOR THEM.

Rebec... RebeccaJill

Well most people don't think this is a silly reason.  :-)

Centercircle Freshwater

Quote- "Suri would love a brother or sister to play with...."

Don't let me down...man..LOL

Becky... BeckyMitch

I think its silly if its your ONLY reason. Yes, I want my son to have sibling, someone close in age to be their playmate now and their hopefully best friend later.  Someone to be with him when my husband and I get old and need help, pass away. I dont think that is silly...BUT WE want another child also, WE want to bring another beautiful life into this world to expand our family.  Not just for him but for us as well.  Now if she is doing simply because her child asked her to and TomKat has no desire then yes its silly.

nonmember avatar Jen

They will have to learn as her parents how to say no to her. It won't do her any good giving her everything she wants. To never hear the word no.....she will grow up expecting things to always go her way. It's just not healthy.

toria... toriandgrace

I don't think it's a silly reason. Obviously you need to consider all aspects when making your decision, but I saw how lonely my close friend was when she was growing up as an only child, and I knew I didn't want my daughter to have a similar experience. I wanted to give her a sibling and I don't think it's silly.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

My grandmother is constantly telling me that it's not fair to my daughter for us to not have another child soon. I, too, think it's a silly reason.

kisse... kisses5050

 I remember being in the hospital my 20 month looking down at her new born sister. I said " Would you like to take your new sister home now?" her answer? " No thank you"  but you know what the children come into our world, We don't come into theirs. Somehow too many parents seem to forget this. We do what we think is best for the family. I personally wanted my child to have someone to walk though the world sharing a common history with.

Beret Jablonski Nearing

Silly reasons?

"It will save my marriage."

"I want a best friend."

"I want someone to dress all in pink and take shopping!"

"I want a sports buddy."


Ashley Castillo

I don't think its very silly to want to give your child a sibling, but to acquiesce to the demand of your child for a sibling, yes that is very weird.

Plus, we all have the best laid plans, but children have this odd thing of growing up and making their decisions, so while I hope your visions of sibling harmony come true, I can't help but think maybe she should wait.

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