Top 10 Celebrity Baby Names That Are Last Names


When it comes to baby names, celebrities are hands-down the most creative parents. But the town/city/country trend -- with coolest celeb offspring Kingston Rossdale being the exception -- is getting a little old. I believe Cougar Town's Laurie Keller was on the money when she declared last names as first names the sexiest trait in a potential mate.

Forget Brooklyn, Bronx, and Alabama. Here, in no particular order, are the top 10 coolest celeb monikers that could easily be surnames:

1. Flynn. This one is my fave for obvious reasons (it's my maiden name!), but Joe Bloom just wouldn't have the same ring to it. Way to go, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom!

2. Harlow. Harlow is one cool name, especially because it's a nod to 1930s screen siren Jean Harlow. And with a fashionable mom like Nicole Richie -- who named both her jewelry and clothing line after her daughter -- she's destined to be one stylin' babe.

3. Marlowe. My theory is hipster dad Jason Schwartzman named his newborn daughter after fictional private eye Philip Marlowe of The Big Sleep.

4. Sawyer. The Talk co-host Sara Gilbert chose this for her daughter, while TV co-anchor Erica Hill bestowed it upon her little boy. It's also the name of fictional miracle baby Sawyer Scott, born to One Tree Hill's Lucas and Peyton.

5. Lennon. Oasis vocalist Liam Gallagher appropriately named his son after his idol, John Lennon.

6. Presley. Cindy Crawford's son is so gorgeous he even inherited his mom's trademark mole!

7. Beckett. Perhaps as a nod to Irish dramatist Samuel Beckett, this boy's name was chosen by several cool celebs: Melissa Etheridge, Stella McCartney, and Conan O'Brien.

8. Wyatt. Goldie Hawn's only child with Kurt Russell is Wyatt, younger half-brother of Oliver and Kate Hudson. Wyatt is also the moniker of Sheryl Crow's son.

9. Wilder. Speaking of Oliver Hudson, the handsome Rules of Engagement star's little guy is Wilder Brooks Hudson. Isn't that dashing?

10. Emerson. General Hospital star Rebecca Herbst recently named her son Emerson, but it's even sweeter as a girl's name. Case in point: Teri Hatcher's daughter, Emerson Rose.

Any of these strike your fancy? Have you given your bundle of joy a last name?


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vicesix vicesix

I like all of them--I wouldn't use them, but they sound okay to me--with the exceptions of Wilder and Presley. Don't care for those 2 at all. The names, not the kids, lol.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I like them all.  My younger son has a last name as his first name.  It's sweet.

JessL... JessLogansMommy

My sons are Logan and Brody which are both surnames.  We've already said that if we have a 3rd boy that we would use a surname as well. 

arg4907 arg4907

My daughter's name is Sawyer :)

rerra... rerratron

We're doing the last name for a first name, too. Our son is named after the sculptor Alexander Calder. Never heard of Sawyer as a first name, but it's new and interesting!

nonmember avatar KR111

My current favorite for a last-name-first is Sullivan, one of my top picks for a boy.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

My son's name is Maddox.  I've heard of people who have that as a last name.

mypbandj mypbandj

My son is Brennen. It's the last name of one of the US Supreme Court judges.

Sheila Baker

My son's middle name is MacLaren.


My last name is Eden. So it is weird to hear it as a first name, and I hear ot quite often recently as a first name.

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