Pregnant Sex Deemed Safe: Phew or There Goes Your Excuse?

PregnantNot in the mood for sex? One of the oldest and most effective excuses for "not tonight dear" has been blown out of the water by a new study. Hold on to your maternity pants, because pregnant sex has just been deemed safe. 

Depending on your condition, you may feel a wave of relief ... or dread. For some, pregnancy is a time of lust and longing and a sex drive in overdrive, and this news will come as welcome reinforcement of what we largely already knew. Others, who have used the danger factor as a reasonable explanation for why they wish they could, but just can't (besides the nausea, fatigue, and 75 extra pounds), are probably scrambling to cut the headlines from the morning paper before their partner sees them.

"There are very few proven contraindications and risks to intercourse in low-risk pregnancies, and therefore these patients should be reassured," authors stated in the Canadian Medical Journal.

Guess that depends on who you're talking to ...


They do point out that some high-risk pregnancies, such as women with a history of pre-term labor or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, may want to limit sexual activities, but even in those cases, there's not much evidence that sex induces labor. They suggest every couple seek the advice of their individual physician (don't they always?).

The most interesting piece of pregnant sex information I gleaned from the review that's good to file away: Don't let your partner blow air directly into  your vagina. Doing so can cause a venous air embolism, which can block a blood vessel and kill both the mother and child. It's rare, but still, I'm not sure how I've never heard that before.

My favorite part of this review, however, is reassurance from its authors that sex during pregnancy is NORMAL. Get that, you're not a sex-crazed pregnant lunatic if you want sex after all. Phew! Their words: "Sex in pregnancy is normal." Thanks for clearing that up guys. 

In any case, while this recent news may alleviate any lingering fears couples have about sex during pregnancy, I think it will more likely function as something for men to wave in front of the faces of their pregnant wives who are already well aware of it.

How do you feel about sex when you're pregnant? Does this news reassure you that it's okay, or take away your excuse for not being in the mood?

Image via Marcelo Canterelo/Flickr

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