SAG Awards: Pregnant Natalie Portman Was Best Dressed

Of all last night's SAG award winners, Natalie Portman was glowing the brightest. She really outdid herself in a white floor-length gown that brought out her flawless skin and healthy pregnancy curves.

Portman, 29, who won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for her work in Black Swan, may have said she looked "fat" at the Critics Choice Awards, but she actually looks simply stunning in general. Portman is expecting a baby with her fiance, Black Swan co-star Benjamin Millepied.

I don't blame her for feeling unattractive. Pregnancy is a complicated time, physically. But I am here to tell her, she doesn't. The way she looks makes me wish I were preggo myself.

She embodies pregnancy's glow, and I hope, despite her comments about being "fat," she will serve as an example of true pregnancy beauty.


The gown channeled a Greek goddess with its strapless draping, and the color was a bold choice, but it really worked.

During pregnancy, it's hard because the body you've known for the first couple decades of your life suddenly morphs into something else. For many of us, it becomes a time to hide, not a time to flaunt it. I know when I was pregnant, I never allowed any photos to be taken, and by the end, I just wanted to hide.

The body I'd had my whole life and felt very confident about was suddenly this whole other thing, and I didn't know how to feel attractive, let alone "sexy" in it. So while I understand the desire to call oneself "fat," I also look at those photos of Portman and see beauty. The funny thing is, the few photos that do exist of me pregnant make me feel the same thing. As horrible as I felt, I looked much better than I thought.

So, let's let these photos remind us all that pregnancy is truly a beautiful time for women. Natalie Portman has never looked better.

What do you think of her dress?



Image via Splash

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