Amy Adams Cure for Boredom: Pregnancy


Amy AdamsAmy Adams seems to think pregnancy is a cure-all and that everyone should take a dose. The Fighter actress, who welcomed daughter Aviana with fiance Darren Le Gallo last May, is so pro-children, she bubbles over with words about her experience whenever asked.

In recent comments to the press, the actress, who's currently filming The Muppet Movie, said she "highly recommends" being pregnant, and said being pregnant felt like exactly what her body "was supposed to do at that point." She added, "More than anything ever, it just felt physically right being pregnant."

She then went on to make some comments that get a little close to smug-mommy territory.

“My friends without kids say, ‘Oh I don’t know how you do it, getting so tired.’ And I just think, ‘I don’t know how they don’t do it.’"

I'm guessing her singleton friends will forgive her that and excuse it to her being high on motherhood still. Plus, she's just so jubilant about every aspect of it, it's hard to find fault in anything she says, even if it's not quite relatable to some of us more, uh ... seasoned moms.

“It’s a huge relief not being the most important person in the room anymore. I hadn’t realized quite how sick of myself I’d become."

Oh how many of us would welcome just a few minutes to get sick of ourselves ... though finding ourselves time to do so might be challenging. But if I think about it, boredom is one thing that has been banished from my life since children. Well, boredom in the sense of having time and nothing with which to fill it -- there's always something that needs to be done now.

In another sense, motherhood brings on more boredom than ever. Have you ever tried to sit through endless episodes of Pinky Dinky Do? Or tried to socialize with moms in a playgroup that you have nothing in common with because you want your kids to have friends? Or played 852 games of Candy Land in a row?

So no, I wouldn't promote pregnancy as a cure for boredom, but I would say Amy is a great example of incredible parenting. The question now is how long before she gets pregnant again and gives Aviana a little brother or sister.

Are you more or less bored since becoming a parent?

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nonmember avatar anon

Nope, not bored. Three kids keeps me about as busy as I could ever possibly be. Each day I wake up and think how blessed I am to GET to spend the day with them rather than as many women think to themselves throughout the day, they HAVE to get the kids fed, HAVE to take them to the lobrary, HAVE to change a diaper, etc. I suppose I just don't let us get bored. We have events every day and just have so much fun together. I could play with those kids all day, they are so silly and sweet. We would never sit and watch hours of any show on TV to bore us. Of course I also have time to myself to work out while they nap or when we go to the gym and they can play with their friends in childwatch while I work out. Thankfully I have friends with kids and so I don't need to spend time w/ strangers to get my kids some social interaction. Not bored at all here.

Sally Backhaus

Who has time to be bored with kids. Of course we don't waste our day on the drivel that passes for "kid's activities". We're too busy actually living our lives.

sodapple sodapple

if a mother is bored and have kids then something is wrong lol

maine... mainemusicmaker

Well...I'm certainly bored wouldn't be the right word....but honestly, I miss being able to do things for myself every once in a long bubble bath...or a mani/pedi....I haven't had more than a few minutes to myself a day since my kids were born (one's 4 and one's 2 1/2)....

frysh... fryshannon34

Bored is not the word but life is more repetetive 

momof... momoflilangel

I don't have time to be bored!

clean... cleanaturalady

Oh there is never a dull or boring moment in my life since becoming a mom.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

A little bit of both, depending on the time of day.

Ashly... Ashlynnsmommy07

you can't be bored when you have kids!


I get bored, but in a different way now. lol  Sometimes I just miss being able to do the things I used to be able to do, but my son makes it hard to really and truly be bored.

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