Alicia Silverstone Planning Vegan Pregnancy


Alicia SilverstoneShe's not Clueless about love anymore! Alicia Silverstone is pregnant, and if her latest blog posts are any indication, she and husband Christopher Jarecki are going to show the world how a vegan pregnancy works.

The well-known animal rights activist was on her site The Kind Life -- where there's a special forum confirming the pregnancy (in case you were worried this was another tabloid rumor) -- as recently as today, sharing vegan recipes with her fans. Today's mix of mushrooms on a tortilla pizza sounds like it's to die for (you can come cook for me anytime Alicia!), but more importantly, it's got a good balance of nutrients.

Coming into a pregnancy with a special diet doesn't have to be a problem. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends vegetarians stay the course, although they're usually advised to take supplemental vitamins to maintain a good balance for baby. As an example, while I was pregnant, they added an iron supplement to my diet as I tended toward anemia.

Vegans have an even more restrictive diet than the average vegetarian, but that's not to say it's bad for baby. Their diets are generally already high in folates, one of the number one things pregnant women are told to add to their diet to prevent birth defects. They're also often better accustomed to making diet adjustments, making it easier for them to do it again during pregnancy. 

If there's anyone who can balance the lifestyle with the advice of her doctors, it's Silverstone, whose Kind Life and Kind Diet book both offer expert advice in addition to her experience. Her site even includes a special forum specifically for pregnant vegans, a section she's bound to be hitting up a lot in coming months. Ever want to catch a celeb to talk to? That might be the place to start.

Would you consider checking it out and trying a vegan pregnancy?

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celes... celestegood

Nope.  Confirmed meat lover here.  I do congratulate her for sticking to her guns and eating right for herself and her baby, though.  Good for her!

Beret Jablonski Nearing

More power to Alicia, but no, I would not consider a vegan pregnancy. I enjoy chicken, fish, eggs, etc. too much to give them up.

SCorb... SCorbeau0616

I wish her the best of luck. In highscholl my music teacher was vegan and she was sick during her pregnancy all the time, missed alot of school. hope it goes better for her.

nonmember avatar Anon

Well, there are whole cultures that eat a more restricted diet than that, and they have babies just like everyone else. I'd check out what they eat during pregnancy. Personally I am not into strict diets, but nor am I a big fan of meat. I could eat a vegan diet if it were convenient - but I would not let it stop me from going to all kinds of restaurants, having dinner at my parents' / friends' homes, etc.

momto... momtothemax2910

I love eggs and fish and cheese too much! But I'd totally try some of the recipes!

Madel... MadelynMc

The only thing that gets me is the cheese. I've tried it and the hardest part was giving up real cheese. There's just no palatable substitute. Good for her, though!

jalaz77 jalaz77

No way. I craved red meat with my middle child and my hemoglobin was fine. Couldn't do it unless I had to do a restricted diet if some sort.

nonmember avatar emily

Really suck to be a vegan child no brownie no birthday cake no cheeseburger no pizza no ham and cheese sandwich no ice cream. What will the child eat fruits salad and vegetables what child wants to eat that? also if Alicia make these vegan brownie or cake probably taste nasty and fake.

Just2... Just2busymom

Be really hard for me since my husband is a huge meat eater. 

Anast... Anastazia975

As a chef I can tell you that vegan cakes and brownies are very good. Vegans also eat pizza, it's just made differently. :)

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