Eat These Foods and You'll Have a Girl


yogurtWhat if you could determine the gender of your child just by eating the right foods? Would you go for it and eat differently to make sure you get a boy -- or a girl?

In a Dutch study pregnant women went on a special "baby girl" diet high in magnesium and calcium. The women filled up on foods like greens, dark green veggies, goat cheese, nuts, yogurt, and rice pudding. They also avoided eating high-potassium, boy-making foods like bananas and high-sodium foods like olives.

So did it work? Girl, you'd better check this out ...

It sure looks like it worked. Of 32 women who followed through in the study, 26 had girls.

Anet Noorlander, a researcher who ran the study at Delft and Maastricht Universities, says, "People now know that if they do everything we have suggested, their chances of having a girl will improve dramatically. This method is experimental, but we have proved it works."

A few other details to keep in mind are that all of the women had previously given birth to boys. Plus, diet was just half of the study; the couples also had to have sex well before ovulation.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the study began with 150 couples. Of that group, only 32 managed to live by the sex-timing and diet rules. Noorlander concluded, "It is important that both diet and timing are followed correctly, which requires of the mother both willpower and meticulousness." Many women have a hard enough time following a "don't eat your way to a 60-pound weight gain" diet, never mind a diet based on foods they may not be craving!

Willpower and meticulousness -- not exactly every pregnant woman's forte, if memory of my own pregnancy serves.

Would you be willing to follow a specific diet to get the gender you want?

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thedg... thedgoddess

Yeah, that was pretty much my diet (plus eggs) for two pregnancies. Two boys later...

nonmember avatar Shelly

Am I the only one weirded out by people who HAVE to get a certain gender? I've known people who get incredibly depressed by getting the gender they weren't trying for. There's something very wrong with that. Why can't people just be happy to conceive and have a child? I think it's ridiculous.

navyw... navywife0204

it might work if the guy  eats the diet... has it escaped the people whi did this study that the gender is determined my the male?

Mom2j... Mom2jngnc

No Shelly, I am wierded out too. I had 3 boys when my DH and I decided to try for a 4th child. Yes, a girl would have been nice, but we both agreed that we knew what to do with a boy. At the samtime I had asked a Mom on a message board what seh was doing to "ensure" a girl, adn was appaled.... there is no way in heck I was going to get my dh to participate, so we opted to take what God gave us... which was boy 4.....

Mom2j... Mom2jngnc

Navy, don't interjecting common sense.....

sheds... shedswife

Actually the diet has little to do with it. The timing of sex is the most important way to try for a specific gender. Sex before ovulation = girl. Sex the day of and after ovulation = boy.

Freela Freela

Hmmm... I would suspect that the sex well before ovulation stacked the odds towards girl as much, or more, than the diet... being as it gives the faster male sperm time to die off before fertilization and all.  It sounds like they basically used the Shettles method with a bunch of diet thrown in.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I agree with Shelly!!! I have known a couple of girls who were not happy with having boys. Really? There are people out there that would give a limb to have one child. I am just glad my 3 kids are happy and healthy at this point!

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