Does Becoming a Mommy Mean Giving Up Your Firstborn?

Cafe MicheleZ recently mentioned a dilemma she's facing and it's one I've stared down, too. She's thinking of getting in the mommy-to-be way sometime soonish and she has these cats that, well, they scratch. A lot.


That would be no good with a baby around, but she loves her cats and can't imagine giving them up. And her husband can't get behind the idea of de-clawing them. Turns out, too, that one of the cats Michele had for years was given up by a family with a new baby -- the cat kept jumping into the baby's crib. So bye-bye kitty.

Cafe Suzanne wrote about this dilemma, too -- she asked moms if they'd give up their dog if it snapped at the baby (moms were divided.)

And me? I'm a life-long dog lover and have had a dog my entire adult life. We got pregnant. We had babies. We kept the dog. But -- and I hate to admit this -- things changed this last year. We had a sweet, lovable dog with super-high energy and extreme exercise needs. With two young kids on our hands, we just weren't able to give him the long hours in the park he needed to be the happy dog he should have been -- and was, before we became so busy with parenthood.

So after many agonizing, emotional conversations, my partner and I finally made the difficult decision to find him a new home. We did. Not too far from us. We still see him occasionally and even dog-sat once while the other (child-free) couple went out of town.

What about you? In preparing for baby, are you wondering how -- and if -- your pets will fit in with the new situation?

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