Do These Pregnancy Spanx Make Us Look Fat?

For many women, Spanx are the reason they're able to face wearing fancy dresses and tight clothing again after pregnancy. Now, the company is making them available to women during pregnancy.

And while some women (like me) are excited about this, others are worried that means they think we are fat. I'm generally not a fan of Spanx, though I recognize that others view them as a miracle. I tend to think that any extra layer makes us look chunky. Oddly enough, I love the idea of maternity Spanx.

If and when I'm ever pregnant again, I'm totally getting a pair and here's why:

  • Support: When we're pregnant our bellies get a little out of control at a certain point. What gets it back IN control? Control top pantyhose!
  • Bum and thighs: Maybe some women get that pretty little basketball on their otherwise skinny bods. Not me. I was sporting a Grimace-like look that could have benefited from some smoothing, especially under my clinging work dresses.
  • Confidence: There is something about pregnancy that makes you feel like you're just growing. And growing. And growing. This would help suck it all back in and retain control.
  • Exercise: I worked out heavily through both pregnancies and would have loved to have something other than a bulky maternity belt to hold my stomach in place. For winter babies, this has an added bonus of retaining some heat as well, especially while walking (or jogging) outside.

If I have a third pregnancy, I'm all about the pregnancy Spanx and am not taking it as an insult in the least. My only concern: do you think they would get itchy? I guess I will try them and report back.

Would you wear pregnancy Spanx?


Image via Spanx

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