Kim Zolciak Already Squeezing Baby in Too Tight Clothes (Photos)


Kim ZolciakIt's one thing to rock a sexy look when you're pregnant, it's another to wrap yourself in latex so tightly that your unborn baby appears to be vacuum sealed in there for life. Leave it to none other than Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to choose the latter. Seriously, look at that dress. Aesthetics aside, does that look comfortable for either mother or child?

"My baby bump, although it looks small its there, sooo there my jeans dont fit," she tweeted along with the picture at the right. Not sure the dress does either, but what else would one wear to a wig drop?

She wore the dress by Herve Leger while partying it up on New Year's Eve for the drop and performance of her song "Tardy for the Party" on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live: Andy's New Year's Eve Party.

Not that Kim squeezing herself into too tight clothing is any big surprise, as she's always busting out of everything she wears (pun intended). So I guess this shouldn't be so shocking ... though somehow it is.

Kim Zolciak  

Zolciak recently told People she's in her second trimester and that things are going well.

"It's just getting through the first few months that are really rough," Zolciak says. "I do feel awesome now. I have a little bit more energy."

Good to hear ... and she probably couldn't have gotten in and out of that dress without that energy.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak's New Year's Eve dress? Would you wear it?

Images via John W. Ferguson/Getty

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hotic... hoticedcoffee

Is that rubber?  She needs a riding crop and a dog collar to really round out the look.

Addys... Addys_Mom

i think your being really judgemental. I love showing off my baby bump and she looks gorgeous. maybe the material is really stretchy? you dont know. i have shirts that appear tight but have a LOT of give to them and i love them because it makes my tummy feel secure in a way yet its still super comfortable. dont be hatin.

Storm... Stormywaters03

I don't watch the show or really care who she is, but I think she looks happy and healthy.  The dress is certainly clingly, but I think she just seems really proud to show off her bump, not that she's trying to strangle her baby in latex.

momof... momoflilangel

I think she needs to wear something more comfortable. lol

frysh... fryshannon34

I wouldnt wear it but it does look stretchy

sodapple sodapple

not at all, i prefer something a bit loose around my belly.

nonmember avatar Anna

I don't really know who this woman is, but if I looked that good as a non-pregnant chick I would definitely show it off! She looks like maybe she ate a cheeseburger, not like 2nd trimester.

Debbie Rogers Hale

Does anyone wear appropriate maturnity clothes anymore? No because everyone is too worried about looking sexy and NOT looking like a "real" Mom.

nonmember avatar Roksi

WTF. What's appropriate maternity clothing? Walk around in a mumu?

Some days I wear a loose dress, because my tummy is itchy or I feel super-bloated. Most days? I would rather wear a tight jersey dress/shirt. 1. I'm short, so I don't need to look like a cube, thank you. 2. I still have a shape, so I'm not going to wear a bag. 3. It feels more comfortable having something holding my stomach, particularly when it's boiling outside.

If the material of her dress is stretchy, she's probably plenty comfortable, and kudos to her.

Why on earth would you hide your body???

Sijai Sijai

I am just happy to say, women aren't regulated to those ugly big moo moo tops anymore! My first child was born in 1977, I hated those shirts! Ugly pants and the ugliest dresses!. It's stretchy material she has on and she looks darling. I love seeing a baby belly just sticking out.

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