Your Sister's Bad Pregnancy Could Hurt You


If you're looking for someone to blame for your nine months of nausea, then look no further than your parents' other daughter. Yes, your sister's big belly might as well be your pregnancy crystal ball. A recent study shows that those who develop the debilitating "morning sickness condition" known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) are likely to have sisters who also develop it.

HG is no small thing, either. It's an extreme form of nausea and frequent vomiting that ends up actually endangering the lives of mother and child and forces some women to terminate their pregnancies.

Researchers from UCLA and the University of Southern California traced both the maternal and paternal family histories of women with HG and found not only that the condition could be genetic but that women with sisters who had HG could have a more than 17-fold risk of experiencing the debilitating condition too.

The findings, which were revealed in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, may scare any women with sisters who went through it. I have known women with HG, and if one of them were my sister, I really might think twice about getting pregnant.

For most of us, morning sickness is either a minor nuisance or nothing at all, but for the women I've known with HG, it truly is debilitating. It's so hard to watch someone you love go through something so painful and hard and even more awful to know that you might go through it yourself.

There is probably nothing that could stop me from having my babies, but it might give me pause to think I could be that ill. I would probably still go through with it and hope beyond hope that this one time, statistics were on my side rather than against me.

Many times as parents we wonder why no one told us about certain things. This is why. Sometimes we think if we told you the truth -- the honest, total truth -- it would terrify you and maybe even stop you from having children. Instead, most of us keep our pregnancy horror stories to ourselves and hope you get off easier.

Would you ever consider not having a baby after someone else's difficult pregnancy?

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nonmember avatar Jean

Just anyone else's pregnancy? No, that wouldn't affect me. Even if one of my sisters had had HG I wouldn't necessarily be turned off. But if I had it for my first, I'm not so sure there would have been anymore!

starr... starrsitter

I have a good friend who, in addition to absolutely terrible HG, had gestational diabetes and preeclampsia that were so bad the doctors decided the only way she was going to live through her pregnancy was to give birth seven weeks early.  It's a good thing she did, too.  When they delivered the baby they found that she had the very beginnings of placental abruption.  She probably would have died in a day or two if they hadn't gone ahead with the early c-section. 

Her HG was terrible, too.  She still jokes about the "good days" when she ONLY threw up 13 times.  She's thinking about getting pregnant again, which really surprises me.  Her ordeal didn't put me off of pregnancy, but had we been sisters and I knew my risk for some of these things would be higher because of a family history, I might have thought a little harder about it.

Airbo... AirborneWifee

I had HG with all 3 of my pregnancies. I was put in the hospital twice in my first pregnancy and wasn't able to recover until about 5months. I was in and out of the ER every other day to get fluids because I couldn't even hold down a drop of water. It was horrible. BUT, I did it 2 other times and couldn't be happier! I love ALL of my children. I just wish when I told women that I went thru hell with all of them they'd believe me!

mommix4 mommix4

I had it with my girls but not with my boys? I can't imagine that being a reason to have an abortion, yes it sucks really bad but it goes away in 9 months

Rita Yoder

It was so sick with my daughter when I was pregnant it was absurd. I would spend some days on the bathroom floor because any movement set me off (including hers and she moved early on) and well I was coming back in a few minutes anyway. It was not until my fifth month that I started coming close to feeling like me again. I understand why women would consider terminating a pregnancy, it is only because I am pro life that my daughter is here. There are no more biological babies in my future.

Trevo... TrevorsBoo

I had HG with my son i lost so much lbs I thought for sure I was gonna die I started out at 120 and 6 months i was 99 lbs after that i started to finaly gain the lbs when i went in to have my baby I was 133. and though that exprience is still fresh in my mind I am ok with the idea of having one more before I have my tubes CUT, BURNED and TIED

Devil... DevilInPigtails

I was so sick during my pregenancy, but I am glad that meds calmed my stomach down.  I couldn't imagine someone being even more sick or not being able to do anything to stop it and then to lose you LO, heart breaking torture.  

momof... momoflilangel

No someone else's pregnancy wouldn't affect my decision.

frysh... fryshannon34

I was very sick through all of mine but someone elses probably would not effect me  

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