Baby Naming: Piece of Cake or Source of Stress?

Add Marlowe Rivers to the still small list of 2011's unique baby names, thanks to Jason Schwartzman and wife Brady's pick for their brand-new baby girl. So where did the name come from? My guess is fictional private detective Philip Marlowe (Schwartzman does, after all, play a faux private eye on Bored to Death). And Rivers could be a nod to moody Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. Either way, it's a pretty cool name.

When it comes to naming your newborn, unless you have some family tradition you just have to abide by, it can be an uphill battle with your spouse. For months leading up to the birth of my daughter, my husband and I stood in two firm camps with our first-choice names. We each came to hate the other person's pick, not because either name was bad, but because we didn't think of it ourselves.


My husband's argument against my vote was that I named our cats. "Can you imagine them having any other names?" I asked him. "Well, no, not really," was his answer. But we remained divided, and eventually had to table the baby-naming discussion.

Meanwhile, I met other couples who had already named their son or daughter months before they even arrived. Personally, I don't get that at all. You haven't even met the kid!

It wasn't until two days after our daughter arrived that we looked at each other in the hospital, paperwork in hand, and said, "Okay, we've got to come to a consensus here." Rather than compromise, however, we started back at square one. My hubby started perusing Nameberry and there it was staring at him in the face: Skye.

As it turned out, I'd privately entertained the name for various reasons but never mentioned it to him, for fear that he'd find it too hippy-dippy. But because we'd both found it (and liked it) independently, it was a winner. Plus, it rhymes with cry, which is all our 1-month-old seems to do ... at least for now.

How will you decide on a name? Do you plan to pick ahead of time or wait until the eleventh hour?


Image via Lauren Flynn Kelly

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