How to Avoid Strangling Obnoxious Commenters During Pregnancy

Aside from the most awesome, zen women ever, most women hit a point in pregnancy, usually 37, 38, or 39 weeks, where they spend practically every waking moment hoping to go into labor, and wondering and getting excited that each little twinge is the start.

But when you realize you're just hurting and not in labor, or those contractions were just more prodromol labor, it can get disheartening. And when you're sore, anxious, and just want to hold your baby, there's nothing more irritating than the comments you get from well-meaning strangers, friends and family:

"You look like you're ready to pop!" Or "Have you had that baby yet?"

Before you strangle the next person to blurt that out, or start throwing things, I've got some suggestions for better ways to handle the end-of-pregnancy exclamations and questions.


1. Straight-up tell family and friends not to ask. Honestly, it is well within your right to just make the announcement, "Please don't ask me if I'm in labor, when I'm going to get the baby out, or if I've had her yet. It's stressful for me already, and your questions keep reminding me of that stress. Trust me, you'll know when it's time."

2.  Have fun with strangers. The next time a stranger runs up to you at the grocery store and says, "Oh my gosh, you're going to pop any minute!" just say, "Sure am! I'm aiming for a grocery store birth." Laugh and walk away.

3.  For your Facebook friends, simply answer the question of "Have you had that baby yet?" with this link:

4.  Pretend not to hear. If it's easiest, just ignore the comments and either continue conversation without acknowledging what the other party said, or if out of the blue from a stranger, walk the other way.

5.  Take advantage of even feigned concern. For the next person who says, "Wow, you must be miserable!", say, "I am, carry my bag please?" If someone comments on how you look so tired or frazzled just find some way to get them to make up for their rude comment by alleviating some of your stress.


  • When someone asks: "Are you sure you should be doing that?"
    Respond with: "Are you sure what I'm doing is any of your business?"
  • When someone asks: "Aren't you almost at your due date?"
    Respond with: "Due dates are more like due months. The baby will come when she's ready."
  • When someone asks: "When are you going in for your induction?" (Usually once you're over the due date.)
    Respond with: "When we discover something is wrong with my body or the baby's, and since nothing is, I'm not."
  • When someone says, "Wow, you're huge!"
    Respond with: "Looks like we're on the same diet!"
  • When someone asks, "Is it a boy or girl?"
    Respond with: "It's a baby."
  • When someone asks: "Are you worried about the birth?"
    Respond with: "Are you worried about the bathroom?"

Okay, maybe some of those are reserved for when your hormones are out of control and you're ready to bite everyone's head off, but I think plenty of us get to that point near the end of pregnancy.

What was the worst or most obnoxious thing someone said to you?


Image via Helga Webber/Flickr

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