Doctor Prescribes Pot to Pregnant Woman


medical marijuanaMedical marijuana is said to do wonders for certain people, but there are also some people who just shouldn't be prescribed it. Like, oh say, a woman who is pregnant. But that's just what a doctor in Colorado did, and now he's blaming the woman.

According to an article in the Denver Post, in January Dr. Manuel Aquino prescribed pot to a woman who was six months pregnant. He did so after a three-minute visit during which he didn't exam her or her medical history or even ask if she was pregnant. Stoners put Dr. Aquino on speed dial -- a score has never been so easy.

Oh he has lots of excuses as the Colorado Medical Board evaluates whether he'll lose his license or not -- like they're taking too long, some other technical issues, and the fact that he doesn't think that toking up when you're pregnant is all that harmful.

While there may be some room for debate on the last point, there are plenty of studies that point to negative effects for the babies of pregnant women who smoke it. And there are certainly NO studies that suggest it's beneficial to the degree that a doctor should prescribe it.

And yes, of course, there's the woman, who didn't TELL him she was pregnant. Dr. Aquino called her behavior "intentional, reckless or grossly negligent," which pretty much sums it up. And really, the ultimate responsibility for smoking the pot has to lie with her as she's the one who had to make the decision to smoke or not smoke it and take the risk of harming her baby. According to the complaint filed by the medical board, the woman tested positive for marijuana at the time of her baby's birth, and the baby "had some initial feeding difficulties." There's no report as to if the woman was charged.

Still, her responsibility and his excuses aside, this doctor shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine if this is the kind of inept, incomplete care he's providing. While marijuana is one thing, think of all the other major issues he could be missing as well.

Do you think this doctor should lose his license for prescribing pot to a pregnant woman?

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iam4you2 iam4you2

This is crazy. What's the world coming too!

Domon... DomoniqueWS

I live near SF, CA.  There are "doctors" who will give out a prescription if you pay them enough, like $200.  Many people I know have their card this way, it's as easy as saying you have trouble sleeping, who doesn't?

But none the less there are people who actually could use it, but there are always people who abuse the system.

amand... amandadahmes

Yes, he should get charged for not looking into her history and how she is doing and an exam. AND she should be charged with Child indagerment. Neglect.. or even take her kid.

Maria Vansickle

yes, he should loss his license.

maxen... maxensmom

wait... what's the big deal? weed is so much less harmful than many drugs that are over prescribed and socially acceptable these days. it ain't heroin, girls!

Désirée Coutee

I think that he shoudl be in troubel for not looking in to her history, but there is no proof that marijuana is harmful to people. I thin that before people start getting all pissed off about this tey should do more research in to this. The reasons it is "illegal" is not because of its ability to do harm , but for more politically motivated reasons. Its sad that people can't use a very good natural medicine because of all the negative attention it gets from people who have never tried or researched it. SAD SAD SAD

Désirée Coutee

sorry for the typos I was multi tasking

Tina Nepsund John

Whether it's pot of anything else, I think this doctor needs to be investigated for the care (or lack of care) he is giving.  There are a lot of things that he could have prescribed this woman that could have harmed her baby, he needs to do a little health history before treating any of his patients.

maris... mariscilla

I am not a pot smoker and never have been. i think he should be fined for his lack of thoroughness to his patient.  Mom really is the one who should be held responsible ultimately. With any pharmaceuticals there is risk both to mom and baby. Pot could have been the lesser of the two evils but that is a whole other debate.

GRP_m... GRP_mommi_of_4

FIrst of all, the effects of it are not harmful to the woman or the baby if NOT used multiple times a day...I think people overreact when they hear the word marijuana! SERIOUSLY, we have wayyyyy more drugs to worry about than that. Now the situation with the doctor...I dont think they should take his license away, but maybe suspend him for it. He should have taken the time to talk to this woman prior to prescribing her ANYTHING AT ALL not just MARIJUANA! I mean prescribing something more serious that could have harmed the baby at all then yes by all means they should take his license! I don't see how this woman cannot be at fault at all....if she as well did not notify the Doctor she was pregnant then some blame should go on her. All in all its a mess and of course everything is thrown completely out of whack when it comes to the media anyway so i bet only half the story is probably true.....

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