Vaginal Steam Bath Helps With Fertility

If you're trying really hard to get pregnant, you'll try just about anything that you think will increase your chances. But does that extend to a steam bath for your lady business?

Spas around LA  are offering a vaginal steam bath called chai-yok, which is a traditional Korean remedy. It's believed to reduce stress, clear infections, shrink hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles, and help infertility.

It works like this: You sit or squat on an open-seated stool over a pot of tea that's a blend of mugwort and wormwood. Mugwort is believed to have natural antibiotic and anti-fungal properties and is used in Eastern medicine to balance female hormones. Wormwood is also antibiotic and antiviral, and supposedly stimulates blood flow and the release of bile.

The treatment is supposed to detoxify the uterus and clear up "coldness and stagnation" in the lower health of the body, according to practitioners of Eastern medicine.


I'm with those who are very skeptical of the effectiveness of these treatments. I'm a pretty big believer that Western medicine works because it's based on measurable science, not ancient beliefs about how the body works.

On the other hand, these are not expensive treatments ... $75 at most, in the article quoted, and certainly it isn't going to hurt anyone who wants to try it. If it works, great, if not, at least you're only out some money ... and have a nice clean vagina to boot.

What do you think of this treatment? Would you try it?


Image via Tim Pearce Los Gatos/Flickr

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