Bristol Palin Pregnant Again? Say It Ain't So


Bristol PalinMamas, here's another reason not to let your babies grow up to be Bristol Palin. Word has it the single mother and recent fiancee of her baby's daddy is in luuuuurv with a new guy named Gino Paoletti. And come 2011 (which is in, what, nine days?), she would like to get pregnant.

Again. With the guy she just started dating last month! Oh Santa, please, please let this one just be a tabloid rumor. No matter what "sources" are telling The National Enquirer, the teen mom turned abstinence advocate is not ready to have another baby.

About to celebrate the second birthday of son Tripp at the end of the month, Bristol is still not a grown up. The teen pregnancy she's used as an example of her trials and tribulations -- the teen pregnancy she's trying to use to market abstinence to other kids -- was not the average experience of young American girls who end up pregnant.

She was 17, yes, but she was the daughter of the Republican candidate for the vice presidency, showered with thousands of gifts from her mom's supporters, covered with ample financial means to deal with the cost of raising a child, and supported by two loving (yes, Sarah Palin is loving) parents who had her back. When she and Tripp's father, Levi Johnston, officially broke off their engagement this year, she landed child support based on a reported earnings (his) of $72,000. That's not your typical pregnancy pitfalls for a single mom.

Now 20 years old, Bristol has to be given a clear picture of what it means to be an adult going through pregnancy and parenthood. And her childish antics of late -- chiming in on sister Willow's homophobic rant on Facebook last month, gay bashing Margaret Cho -- prove she's still got a lot to learn about adulthood in general.

First time oops pregnancies happen. We will never completely eradicate them -- least of all for teens who think they're invincible and pregnancy will never happen to them. But second pregnancies are another matter. You're older, hopefully wiser. You know what can happen if you don't wear a condom, don't take the pill. Kids in this situation need to take the time they have and make good use of it -- especially a girl like Bristol Palin who has more opportunities than you average pregnant teen.

They have the opportunity now to learn from their mistakes. If Bristol is truly intent on being a role model to other girls, that's the number one lesson she can teach them.

The good news is it could all be a hoax. Just last week, Bristol was asked to weigh in on Levi's new girlfriend, and she didn't indicate she had anyone on the horizon. Here's hoping Santa delivers! Do you think Bristol's ready for number two?


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momof... momof030404

I think that this girl has handled her self very well under immense pressures and scrutinies of lefty crazies who HATE her MOTHER. I find it sad that while other political children were left alone (even though their parents brought them into the same spotlight!) Sarah's are being treated so shabbily!

nonmember avatar Tracy

"other political children" do not sell their stories to be on the front pages of People Magazine and US Weekly. They also did not compete in Dancing with the Stars. Their parents also did not force them to be on a national reality show and make them stand at their side at book signings.

It's amazing that the Palins complain about having their children scrutinized by the press, and then they keep shoving their children in the spotlight.

nonmember avatar D

This chick is WORTHLESS!

AMom29 AMom29

So much for abstinence, huh?

nonmember avatar MO Inkslinger

The Palins ask for everything they get from the media. The old lady can't keep her twitter fingers off the keys and jumps at any chance to show her face on TV. The younger ones are more interested in being on the cover of a tabloid or on TV than graduating from high school or college. If this family wanted relief from the media, they wouldn't be pushing to be in the spotlight every day.


UHM... Yeah... Sarah Palin is NOT loving. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Really thinking it's a rumor. I totally agree with you too that her "teen pregnancy" experience has been nothing like what most women go through.

snack... snackcake514

yeah seriously, do you believe everything the national enquirer says? lol

Krist... Kristin2008

Who cares! It's not any of our business to be sticking our noses in!

ahhme... ahhmericanwoman

You're quoting the National Enquirer as a reliable source, basing your gibberish on one sentence that was most likely taken out of context, and trying to use it to shame a young woman because you dislike her mother?

And you think Bristol Palin is childish?  Why don't you try being sensible yourself for a change and look for a REAL news story?

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