Having a Baby on Christmas? Go Ahead and Cry

pregnantThe pregnant ladies due this Christmas haven't gotten a whole lot of sympathy lately. First there was the news that the maternity ward staff is actually happy to see you on the holiday. Then there were the 15 reasons December birthday babies should stop their whining.

Enough of all this making lemons out of lemonade. If you're due on Christmas this year, you have every right to throw a good old-fashioned hissy fit this week. You deserve it. Being ready to give birth on Christmas stinks ... but not for the reasons everyone thinks of. Here's the real deal list you can share to shut down those happy-go-lucky types:


1. You can't crawl under the tree to get that last present out with a belly the size of a barge. It could be stuck there forever (or at least until he takes the tree out -- here's hoping he gets your grandmother's ornament off without you reminding him to get everything off of it!).

2. With that bowling ball between you and the branches, there's no way you're getting the star on top of the tree. So much for micromanaging the decorating. Another tradition down.

3. His parents are in town, and you can't drink.

4. The rest of the family's opening presents. You're opening your legs for the doctor with cold hands.

5. If you have to hear one more "Virgin Mary" joke, you'll shoot someone. And giving birth in shackles is its own special kind of hell.

6. For the OCD among you: try finding a "baby's first Christmas" outfit in size 12 months. Guess that page of the baby book will remain empty.

7. You can't put off shopping. Or wrapping. Or cookie baking. What's the fun of Christmas without a little procrastination?

8. The rest of the world will be trying to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve. You'll be wishing you could just get the baby to sleep past midnight.

9. That sexy sweater you wanted to ask Santa for? By the time you fit into it, it will be July.

Are you due on Christmas this year?


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