Weird Topless Pregnancy Photos: You're No Demi Moore


Why the tire?
Hurray! You're pregnant. It's a special moment in your life, one you will always remember and want to memorialize on film.

But why you gotta go all Girls Gone Wild and drop your top?

I blame Demi Moore for her naked and pregnant Vanity Fair cover back in the 1980s, which was controversial and beautiful. It empowered pregnant women to stop hiding behind tent-like dresses and flaunt that belly like the thing of beauty it is. That's all good ... but it also inspired a wave of copycat photos to the point that the topless shot is all but expected in even the average mom-to-be's photo portfolio.

Ladies? Knock it off. And put your shirts on, or at least your bras. I get it ... you're beautiful, you're glowing, and you've never felt so great about your body. Awesome. Own those feelings. But that still doesn't mean I want to see you half naked on Facebook, pregnant or not.

If you must take that photo for yourself, that's wonderful. Shoot it, print it, put it in a lovely frame in your home. Nothing wrong with it. But maybe think long and hard before using that shot as your Facebook profile or your website avatar -- or especially your holiday card.

Perhaps the test question you need to ask yourself before posting such photos on the Internet is: "If I were not pregnant, would I be showing my topless body to all 475 of my Facebook friends ... and all their friends ... whenever I leave a comment?" More than likely, you wouldn't.

The hilarious Awkward Family Photos pregnancy website has been making the rounds on the Internet this week, and you know what a lot of those God-awful photos have in common? Topless mamas-to-be. Sometimes topless (or bottomless!!!) dad too, which is a whole other can of worms.

Think about it, people ... when your child one day asks for a picture of you pregnant with him, do you really want to produce a picture that is just a tad too evocative of how you came to be that way? Bad idea. Bad.

Did you have photos of yourself topless when you were pregnant?


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nagyo... nagyordog

I like to move it move it. I like to move it. Boob boob boob

Madel... MadelynMc

Yowza. Those are awesome.

jmtmn jmtmn

Can someone write a post about the fact that these pictures freak out people who are not you and your husband and you should keep them in your bedroom? I do not want to see a naked picture of you in your living room when I come over to oooh and ahhh over your new baby. I'm looking at  you lady who lives next door to me that I barely know...

Lilim... Lilimarlene

This woman in one of my groups just had a home birth and she posted her birth video......which is fine. But she was butt naked, I mean I know you have to be not wearing any panties but she also wasn't wearing a bra. I thought it was a bit vulgar.

stell... stellarluna

aren't we all adults here? And why the hell do we have to look perfect like a celebrity to do certain things??? pregnancy is beautiful no matter what body it comes in.  Can we focus on what's important here (the baby, miracle of birth, amazing ability we have as women to grow a person in our bodies) and not criticize each other so harshly?

a home birth video "vulgar"????  Wow we should be celebrating each other as women, lifting each other up... I pray for a world where real sisterhood exists... not likely with this type of talk going around.  Are you really that disgusted with your own body that you find an artistic picture or a momentous video offensive?? I don't get it at all

nonmember avatar Jordan

I have pictures of myself topless but they're my personal photos that let me look and see how big everything is getting and in what amount of time...
pictures on my facebook... i have clothes on. [all] of my clothes on.

nonmember avatar ann

grow up people. nudity is natural, so is pregnancy. time you all get over and stop projecting your own insecurities onto the rest of us.

KCorn... KCornett04

I have those pictures, I love them and so do all my friends and family. Grow up its just skin we all have it and it is all beautiful.

nonmember avatar Laughing

I love this article and I love the comments even more. The article is 100% true and for those who got upset please, we get that you are upset that your own topless photos you tossed around are getting a bad article but you forgot there is a little thing called class. Yes, we all know what year it is, we all know we are all human. That doesn't mean you topless is impressive. Pregnant or not. Your family and friends are lying out of their rear ends if they tell you anything different then this article. To all those who have class when they are pregnant, you are gorgeous and beautiful and thanks for not freaking/grossing out your friends and family by thinking being pregnant means you should share your naked body with the entire world. Demi's photos where just as weird by the way it's not like she has a free pass.

Kayleen Laird

I agree. Would you post these types of photos if you weren't pregnant? Hopefully not. It's awkward for friends and family to see these pictures. No one wants to see your nearly naked breasts any more when you are pregnant than they do when you aren't.

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