Weird Topless Pregnancy Photos: You're No Demi Moore

Amy Kuras

Why the tire?
Hurray! You're pregnant. It's a special moment in your life, one you will always remember and want to memorialize on film.

But why you gotta go all Girls Gone Wild and drop your top?

I blame Demi Moore for her naked and pregnant Vanity Fair cover back in the 1980s, which was controversial and beautiful. It empowered pregnant women to stop hiding behind tent-like dresses and flaunt that belly like the thing of beauty it is. That's all good ... but it also inspired a wave of copycat photos to the point that the topless shot is all but expected in even the average mom-to-be's photo portfolio.

Ladies? Knock it off. And put your shirts on, or at least your bras. I get it ... you're beautiful, you're glowing, and you've never felt so great about your body. Awesome. Own those feelings. But that still doesn't mean I want to see you half naked on Facebook, pregnant or not.

If you must take that photo for yourself, that's wonderful. Shoot it, print it, put it in a lovely frame in your home. Nothing wrong with it. But maybe think long and hard before using that shot as your Facebook profile or your website avatar -- or especially your holiday card.

Perhaps the test question you need to ask yourself before posting such photos on the Internet is: "If I were not pregnant, would I be showing my topless body to all 475 of my Facebook friends ... and all their friends ... whenever I leave a comment?" More than likely, you wouldn't.

The hilarious Awkward Family Photos pregnancy website has been making the rounds on the Internet this week, and you know what a lot of those God-awful photos have in common? Topless mamas-to-be. Sometimes topless (or bottomless!!!) dad too, which is a whole other can of worms.

Think about it, people ... when your child one day asks for a picture of you pregnant with him, do you really want to produce a picture that is just a tad too evocative of how you came to be that way? Bad idea. Bad.

Did you have photos of yourself topless when you were pregnant?


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