Pregnant Women Do Not Get to Use the Carpool Lane!

I am all for more pregnant rights. I think pregnant women should get to cut to the front of the bathroom line, park in closer spaces, be offered seats on buses, and pee in places that normally make the public go elsewhere. But the line must be drawn somewhere, and I think I know the place -- the carpool lane.

Are we seriously even asking this question? Over the weekend, a Seattle Post-Intelligencer reader posed the question: Should pregnant women count as "two" for the carpool lane?

For those who do not face an urban commute, a primer: the "carpool lane" is an extra lane on the highway that allows people who are carpooling (i.e. more than one person per vehicle) to bypass some of the stickier areas of high traffic.

In some cities, people go to great lengths to avoid the traffic, things like putting dummies in the car passenger seat.


And here we have the ultimate in entitled living. Now pregnant women want to count their fetus? 

As one who lives in a crowded city and often drives home, gazing lovingly at the fast-moving carpool lane while my car is stationary, I feel for the ones who want to make this excuse, but really, let's have some respect for ourselves and keep our dignity intact.

The fact is, a live baby already counts -- there is no age limit, after all, on the second person in the car -- but a fetus? No. Just no. And actually, a live baby counting is a little weird, too because really, unless the other person can get up and drive themselves, then it doesn't really count as carpooling, does it?

Is your 6-week-old really doing their part by not driving their Hummer and consolidating rides with mommy, or is he really just trying not to spit up on himself while simultaneously holding his head upright? Get real. A baby can't drive and so driving a baby is not carpooling. But in Seattle it is. Fine.

But a fetus? A fetus? Really now. That is just too much.

What do you think? Should a fetus be a second passenger?


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